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Did you know Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba? In this episode, we’ll pay a visit to Hemingway’s house, stop by the Nativity Feast of the Virgin Mary, check out the Tropicana cabaret club, & see some of Havana’s night life.
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  • Owen Charles 7 months ago

    I love Hemingway home in key west especially the Rapa round porch. Thank you for sharing your Cuba experience with me…Owen

  • cely cuba 7 months ago

    Hemingway was very loved for the Cuban people!!! Love the work that u did in Cuba Romina, you really took the essential from there!!

  • Ali Calienes Berrayarza 7 months ago

    Great video Romina!!

  • Gaby Kelly 7 months ago

    Muy interesante la casa/museo de Hemingway y lo mejor que tu abuelo era tan amigo de el.La musica y las vistas de la Habana de noche son muy linda y estamos listos para viajar a Cuba

  • AdamUPNow 7 months ago

    So many great dishes! You unintentionally gave me a new recommendation (Bass Rebel) for music so I'm going to share you some of mine for videos.

    Just a few that I can think of. Keep up the video creation!

  • Danny Danny 7 months ago

    Red Romina: Ringing People's Bells, Around the World! ^_^

  • Steve Dez TV 7 months ago

    Looks a lot like old San Juan here in Puerto Rico

  • richard robinson 7 months ago

    The night life is cool. A lot of great looking places. Lots of places around the world have no internet. Around 50% from what I hear. One day it'll be everywhere. Lots of beautiful places. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day.

  • Smit Rome 7 months ago

    Ernest freaking Hemingway lol wow !

  • cely cuba 7 months ago

    As always, Romina, You are great, Love UUUUU!!! princess Fanita..

  • Gaby Kelly 7 months ago

    The video is amazing and the music is epic . The Havana is geogeous and it is so beautiful at night . It is so nice that you grandpa was so closed friend of Hemingway and it was a privilege to be in his Cuba's House. It was nice that you were the most important day for the cuban Sept 8th The day of the virgen of Caridad. Havana at night is beautiful!!!

  • Throwboy 7 months ago

    Haha I like those little taxis

  • Old Farm Show 7 months ago

    Great video

  • Throwboy 7 months ago

    Oh wow that view is crazy. I didn't know the buildings looked that way. It's like european 😄

  • Throwboy 7 months ago

    That ice cream tho :O

  • Throwboy 7 months ago

    The weather is gorgeous 😄 Ooh I didn't know Hemingway lived there!!