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COMMENT BELOW WHERE IN THE WORLD YOU ARE WATCHING FROM!! This was our first big trip since having our house and we traveled to Asia. We had a SUPER long travel journey and ended up spending a day in Bangkok, Thailand. We were really excited because we were able to go to the floating markets. They were just incredible. We really love Thailand.

After our short stay in Thailand, we made our way to Bhutan. Bhutan just might be the most unique country we’ve ever visited. As a country, they have stayed so true to their roots with their dress, architecture, culture, etc., it’s very cool to see!

We are working with Breathe Bhutan – who helped us organize our tour through Bhutan. If you’re considering a visit, we highly recommend you check them out.

A special thank you to Le Meridien Thimphu for hosting us!

We’re really excited to continue to see more of Bhutan and share it with you!

Happy Travels,

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