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We had a bit of day of fails today. First we thought we’d lost all our travel documents then accidentally dropped all our bags off at the wrong guesthouse!! (definitely Google’s fault).

Thao Nhi Hotel –

**Day 59 – 12/04/17 |HCMC, Vietnam, South East Asia**

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  • Live2Travel 11 months ago

    nice video; subscribed please sub back to my channel so we can support each other.

  • lastanonymousperson 11 months ago

    Saigon is the original name of the city, then when communist took over they rename it Ho Chi Minh after the dictator.

  • Jordon & Gina 11 months ago

    Just stumbled across your video and it really is refreshing to watch. Keep up the good work guys! Feel free to check out our vlogs and let us know what you think. 😀

  • Loz's Leisure 11 months ago

    Hated those speakers so much -_- "do you know why it's called Saigon?" shakes head and zero f*cks given "nah", also yeah, what's their aversion to shower doors about?!

  • Carmen / In Pursuit of Perspective 11 months ago

    Shit happens! It makes things more interesting, I guess, haha! Hope things are better! 🙂

  • ben mccarthy 11 months ago

    Poor jane you looked so tired! Loving the videos guys!

  • Mohd Soufi 11 months ago

    Enjoy your travels and always be safe,guys.Cheers!