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Our Hong Kong travel guide! Our final episode of season 1, and We had so much fun in Hong Kong, my favourite city in the world. Now we can share our favourite tips, tricks, eats and drinks for your next visit to Hong Kong.

Where we stayed – Regal Airport Hotel
Hotel ICON –

Apps we mention:
Uber –


Morocco Travel


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  • 38 seconds of Hong Kong on my channel, check it out ❤️

  • JustYour OrdinaryGiraffe 1 year ago

    1:17 what the heck is that ?

  • Marsha Malone 1 year ago

    It looks like crazy organized chaos. Love it!

  • Максим З 1 year ago

    Пророчество #2: В гонг Конге существенно упадёт стоимость жилья в 2018 году.

  • DanielCordas 1 year ago

    Check out my Hong Kong vlog! Was crazy

  • RBX2 1 year ago

    In Hong Kong, people who work customer service sucks! I don't understand why someone would work in customer service and be an asshole. Communist's bitch losers!

  • Prep Mojo 1 year ago


    Don’t play Love Me Long Time in Hong Kong

  • Kebede Buna 1 year ago

    Less time to your face & more city video

  • arriesone1 1 year ago

    You didn’t show much of the real HK food, what about the incredible dim sum? The soups? The stir fries? The seafood?

  • snoweeechief 1 year ago

    But can I learn Kung Fu?

  • Micro799 1 year ago

    i live in hk

  • Timothy 1 year ago

    Less of your face more of Hong Kong, thanks.

  • Malcolm James De Castro 1 year ago

    GRR… Making me watch this is forcing me to go back to Hong Kong. Anyways love your vids 😊

  • 浩李 1 year ago

    Very informative! Thank you!

  • Andrew Daly 1 year ago

    Really enjoyed this vid

  • Mr. Gong先生 1 year ago

    HongKong is amazing

  • Mr. Gong先生 1 year ago

    Regal airport hotel is amazing

  • DJ Narvaez 1 year ago

    Does the octopus card work on the airport train?

  • VIN LEE 1 year ago


  • Richard Stead 1 year ago

    great travel video.

  • Jimmy Carter 1 year ago

    I have questions. Are the hongkongers are ethnic indian or vietnamese? If so why most of them can speak and write Chinese? I heard most of hongkongers grandparents were taken form Indian by British .

  • Char B. 1 year ago

    haohao was not impressed

  • Spa Baas 1 year ago

    you forgot LKF ??

  • Roni Daffan 1 year ago

    Food with so much cruelty! Check out "cowspiracy" on youtube and realize why. You just don't know what a terrible suffer the animals have before they get to your plate.