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While in Hong Kong I was able to capture plenty of short video clips, including time lapse videos with my iPhone 6s. It was the most convenient tool I had at my disposal. The theme of this montage is transportation, since Hong Kong has an amazing network of buses, trains and ferries. I was so inspired to take pictures and video of this amazing city. As we wrap up our Hong Kong 2015 project (a couple more videos are still on its way), look forward to upcoming travel editions of this channel. Thanks for all your support.



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  • st3vieuk 1 year ago

    love it .. miss HK so much, an amazing city with amazing culture in such a small place … Video's are great and love your presenting. Keep up the good work ..

  • robbe4711 1 year ago

    A smartphone with a good camera is a perfect tool for capturing great videos. You only need to know how to do it. Well done. I love the integrated short story about the covered car.

  • Radu Stefan 1 year ago


  • Rick Lin 1 year ago

    I really like the music. 😀

  • Christopher Benavides 1 year ago

    What program do you use to edit your videos and time lapses?

  • Christopher Benavides 1 year ago

    Fantastic Job! Amazing work! You continue to intrigue me with your flawless work! Thanks!

  • DaDonFather 1 year ago

    Very nice work Take. Liked it a lot. Those shots of the ferries, I don't know how you kept the phone so level all the way through. Seemed like you were on a boat but I know the HK waters are very rough, so I don't understand how it was so level all the way through.

  • Andrew Criswell 1 year ago

    This is indeed a fantastic video montage. I read your comments on explaining parts of your technique. Have you thought to make a video on the full process you went through to edit a video such as this? Are you using a programme such as Premiere or Final Cut?

  • Barbaros Horozal 1 year ago

    Great video! When are you going to visit İstanbul? 🙂

  • Harri Väyrynen 1 year ago

    Very nice. Are time lapse parts made with iPhone's built in time lapse mode. Or are these time lapses filmed first in normal video mode and afterwards time lapse made with video editor software. Great work anyway.

  • Splootan 1 year ago

    P.s guys this is aimed at Photography not video perhaps I should have posted my dislike at his I phone photography stuff 😊

  • Splootan 1 year ago

    P.s shooting with an I phone is not a craft.. Ive been shooting for 38 years and still learning if shooting with an I phone is a craft then my 11 year old has mastered it.. #staypure shoot with a camera.

  • mastertree 1 year ago

    very nice and smooth edit 😀

  • Dennis Meene 1 year ago

    Wow, that first scene is pure magic. A banal everyday scene that most of the people will walk by, but in slow motion it becomes more than it actually is. Great eye!

  • Jim Moyer 1 year ago

    Well done; thanks. And it's always fun to see what good work comes out of the iPhone, as well.