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I’m in London for a secret Football Manager project, and it’s so secretive I wasn’t allowed to film any of it, talk about any of it, or even reveal who else is here (although you could probably figure it out for yourself by having a look on Twitter at who’s mysteriously in London this weekend…). So instead, I did a Q&A from my hotel room! I’m spending most of Sunday filming for this secret project, and again, it’s going to be very limited how much I can share, so feel free to keep the Q&A questions coming in for tomorrow’s vlog. I’ll be getting home late tonight, but Anna should still be awake to join in the question answering too!


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  • GwresYnKernow 11 months ago

    20 Youtubers doing a multiplayer Premier League? 😀

  • Vic McCracken 11 months ago

    Kev, check the Nuneaton Town Wikipedia page. I think you'll like the recent change to the manager section 😉

  • Louise Beech 11 months ago

    Do you think a gro clock or something similar would help. As it's a visual prompt for when he should get up as it's the moon at night a sun from a set wake up time xx

  • Jay Lmao 11 months ago

    Hey I just saw a video and I learned that a company called the Tennessee bun company makes the McDonald’s buns maybe you could do some research on it and check it out

  • Jaime Reynolds 11 months ago

    Well, I don't see it happening, but if I ever see you guys walking around Phoenix I will walk over and say hello. 🙂

  • thebestwillow 11 months ago

    Nods. Playing fast and loose with the term "normal"!

  • thebestwillow 11 months ago

    More isn't always good. For example, more faecal smearing wouldn't be good!

  • thebestwillow 11 months ago

    Note taken. If ever I see you IRL, I will March up, point my finger in your face and say "you're kev!", but I won't care about shaking your hand or taking a selfie. Can if you want though. shrugs

  • thebestwillow 11 months ago

    When I was 9, there was a spinny chair in the house that was like a pod. I used to sit in that chair and spin and spin and spin and spin. They so should have had me seen by a child psychologist!

  • thebestwillow 11 months ago

    I'd go with one of you staying at home with Andy until his sleep pattern settles, going to sleep when he sleeps, so you can be awake when he is awake. Trying to keep him awake until closer and closer to his bedtime, but don't push it too hard, cos if you do he would become too difficult and you would go insane. Although it occurs to me that I am not fully awake right now, so this might be nonsense. If you can get him to drink more in the afternoons maybe his bladder will keep him awake. But don't do that if he is a bed wetter! Oooh, spinny chair! Sensory seeking!

  • maddieg 11 months ago

    thank you for being so appreciative that you're able to make a living through youtube, I feel like so many people don't realize how lucky they are for that

  • Vic McCracken 11 months ago

    FM question for your next Q&A: in your 25 year’s playing football manager, what is the single best regen player you’ve ever managed?

  • Connor Robson 11 months ago

    IK GoldenFM is there so FM 18 tournament?

  • Loki Doki 11 months ago

    was a fun weekend indeed! can't wait until everyone see's what we have been upto

  • Dan Pearson 11 months ago

    Have to be honest Kev. I miss when the Vlogs were 10 to 12 minutes long.

  • mattquiney8 11 months ago

    I guess it might be (Redacted)

  • Lee McCutcheon 11 months ago

    Was that the Queensgate hotel by any chance?

  • Henry Butters 11 months ago

    loving the clogs quick question why does he tickle the back of his head ??

  • I know loki is there

  • Hi Kev and Anna huge fan! My question for you is have you told Andy he has autism

  • Annie.AllportUK 11 months ago

    Make a channel about Andy

  • Play k 11 months ago

    You should try Kidnap (its a liquid you can get from doctors with melatonin in it) my little brothers both take it and me as a 21 year old take it when my sleeping has gone, works very well i assume you could talk to your GP about it. but i assume andy probs wouldnt take it as it tastes funny but no harm looking into it

  • Skyler Gray 11 months ago

    Oh I didn't realize Andy was the middle kiddo! He's so grown up ahah. I love that you've all just clicked into a 5-piece family, I never heard you talk about the girls and Andy before. Thanks for answering!!!
    -"It's not like I'm constantly walking around a football stadium of the 60 thousand people who might recognize me." 😂😂😂

  • Dumbbass 11 months ago

    good vlog man!

  • Sheree Bahtic 11 months ago

    Your lip looks sore…

  • JGoloFM 11 months ago

    I know Benjy is there but don't know anyone else lol

  • Anush Jeganathan 11 months ago

    Great video!!

  • Kierups 11 months ago

    Can't wait for what's coming on the gaming channel

  • Katie Elise 11 months ago

    Hey, since it's fire works night I was wondering how Andy reacts to fire works does he find them exciting or overwhelming?

  • Nicky Afro 11 months ago

    I wonder if all the people who come into UnarmingPine's stream at the exact same space of time are the people there? Benjy, WTS, you, sackopardi, chesnoid etc. You guys making me do so many shoutouts 😛