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There are plenty of videos from India to come. I’m to also share with you more about my current life situations, my plans, vision and my spiritual journey. I hope we’ll create an inspiring and supportive community around this channel. Follow me on Instagram

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  • krishna avirat 1 year ago

    Gary vee . Oh yeah!

  • anil s c 1 year ago

    India map behind u !!! ur deserved to be an Indian, welcome to India again and I am happy and waiting for your documentaries 😎

  • Mithun Hegde 1 year ago

    Going live in IG 👍🏻

  • Sushank Kumar 1 year ago

    Namastey … Love ur videos pls don't stop .. our blessing will b wid u forever

  • Varathan Aadhith 1 year ago

    Please go to Tamil Nadu. Land of rich spirituality, World's oldest language, wonderful scenery, from coastal plains to cool hill stations, and of course, TASTY FOOD!!!

  • THE PORKIS TV 1 year ago

    Wow you are danm hot beautifull

  • Manishankar Tripathi 1 year ago

    Good to see you , keep going

  • Siddhant Sharma 1 year ago

    why did you stop give subtitles. you should restart give the subtitles…….

  • Phone videos 1 year ago

    Whats your name?

  • Tajuddin Pantoji 1 year ago

    Really. Very. Nice too. Fantastic

  • Travel & Eat Manu&Gokul 1 year ago

    Good job 😍😘

  • Jyotirmoy Bose 1 year ago

    I see many contents in youtube but yours is a different kind!
    Leaving that in a way which I have observed compared to many other you tubers irrespective of their content and understanding the fact that not all do the same like you do, that you respond or like almost every comment on youtube 🙂 ( There are very less numbers of you-tubers who do that or at least I have not seen many).

    Your attempt to show the world a different understanding of my country, even though I am an Indian but from east and still haven't figured out my whole country yet because it is too complicated and has got too many subjects to know and explore, I find a certain sense of respect for someone like you.

    I hope that you get more sponsorship by companies in the future because I know the real pain of making content all by yourself, specially you being born and brought up in Europe, coming to India, travelling all by yourself and related expenses, making the norms of living life as a part of your daily life. That's a lot women but I understand to a certain degree why you do that by reading your background a bit:) NOTE: If you are rich then this para is not applicable:P

    I never expected to see a youtuber like from the west who likes my country so much in a certain way, specially where the western media represent us a trash, but it is also something which is not impossible,haha. Not because you studied about my country as a subject but you didn't ignore those facts, whatever you have read and went ahead for exploration by yourself.

    BTW, you can simply ignore my lines because I have written too many lines above. Thanks.

  • Summeron 1418 1 year ago

    We love u in India , and would love u 2b here as long as you want and see more of India. Stay back and enjoy India.

  • aakash s Akku 1 year ago

    Of course we missed you ,but don't. reduce the content dear,please,we love you

  • Sandeep Delu 1 year ago

    your country

  • ashok kumar 1 year ago

    Once again you look very beautiful and the thoughts and speech are very genuine without much editing. We love to watch you travel my India and elsewhere and see from your perspective. Your videos are good and refreshing.

  • P. A. Sudhir 1 year ago

    Come to India and join Bollywood, you will be one of the best things that ever happened to Bollywood.
    Also if possible show us different places in Poland.
    thank you..

  • Xigza D 1 year ago

    You are looking more attractive in this video compared to your earlier videos were you looked like a baby child

  • maybin go green 1 year ago

    I have Polish friend told me about Poland. poland has rich history you can do a video about Poland historic places.

  • Ajeesh Raj 1 year ago

    one solo travellers like you from my state kerala (Santhosh George) started India's first exploration television channel called "SAFARI TV" he already completed more than 100 countries. and soon he becomes frist indian space tourist. wishing you best for your future journeys and your vlogs

  • abhash mandal 1 year ago

    looking gorgeous… upload daily life video

  • manu r 1 year ago

    waiting for next video😍😍

  • ഷിജു പി പി 1 year ago

    I'm from Kerala , did you visit north Kerala?. Btw you are so gorgeous.

  • Aniruddha Kundu 1 year ago

    your videos are generally rich in content so don't bother much bout creative nuances ..go ahead

  • Anand Ojha 1 year ago

    I want to see the culture of poland,is it possible for you to explore poland and show us how beautiful poland is….

  • Pradeep Rajkumar 1 year ago

    Sweetie dear.. cool nice