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Here are a few ways Siri can be a great travel companion on your iPhone.

To learn more about this topic visit the following article:
Use Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

Additional Resources:
Contact Apple Support for iPhone:
Contact Apple Support for iPad:
Contact Apple Support for iPod:

Apple Support on Twitter:


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  • I'm dat Guy 11 months ago

    Screw all of you

  • Aghrifan Herzal 11 months ago

    I Hope Siri Will Be Available In Bahasa Indonesia 😞

  • Alexander Stoichescu 11 months ago

    Hi Apple, since the launch of IOS 11.4.1 my IPhone 8 Plus battery is acting weird, one time I’m at 40% and then 5 minutes later I’m at 35% , and before the update it was all ok , can someone help me or tell me how I could fix the issue if I can, or where to find help?

  • C. Moke 11 months ago

    She doesn’t even know what I’m saying let alone travel companion 😂

  • Suyash Patil 11 months ago

    Plzzz don’t ban it from India

  • Suyash Patil 11 months ago

    Plzz make some compromise with TRAI

  • Suyash Patil 11 months ago

    Bcoz I don’t want to quit my iPhone use.

  • Suyash Patil 11 months ago

    Plzzz apple don’t baan iphone from india

  • gordhanx 11 months ago

    Earlier today, my mom sent me a text message on my iPhone, and for some reason it didn't appear on my iPhone, but only on Messages on my MacBook. Why is that, and how do I stop that? By which I mean, how do I get her and other texts, to appear on my iPhone?

  • Thearith Chheang 11 months ago

    This is my commend: Siri should able to play song in YouTube. Thanks

  • Richard Stanyon 11 months ago

    i wonder how many home pods activated when she said 'hey siri' ? mine did

  • Vittorio Di Febo 11 months ago

    Italy!!! My Country!!!

  • J1337Mech 11 months ago

    I hope Siri gets better in other languages too…
    She can only do a fraction of what the "english" Siri can do

  • SABR WORLD 11 months ago

    We want Official Apple Store, Apple Pay & Apple Maps in India. 🇮🇳

  • Daniel M.I 11 months ago

    Love you guys at apple!

  • γ υ υ т α 11 months ago

    I hope Siri gets better

  • Laurynas Katilauskas 11 months ago

    Thanks for this video! I will use these commands when I'll travel.