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Going to Latin America? Let us show you how to get a good deal when you shop. Join us for the Cusco Shopping Challenge and find out how to get the best bargain when you travel!





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  • dhenriodful 8 months ago

    Great video !
    Thank you for showing us your love for my country ! ❣

  • shadur1973 8 months ago

    Cool episode.thanks

  • Sara Vásquez 8 months ago

    I've noticed a lot of people thinking that alpaca fiber is the most expensive and soft when actually vicuña fiber is the best. The garments made of this fiber are really expensive! Google vicuña, they're beautiful, very delicate animals.

  • Elizabeth Reddy 8 months ago

    I'm laughing so hard at the girl's face at 4:57 lol!!

  • Alejandra Pizarro 8 months ago

    People at tourist markets will usually ask for a higher price than what they would settle for, especially for gringos or tourists that look like they have money lol.
    A useful phrase for haggling in Peru is: “¿a cuánto me lo deja”, or “¿a cuánto me deja todo?” if you’re buying a bunch of stuff from the same seller.
    People will usually substract around 5 to 10 soles or round up to the lowest x10.

  • Carmella Larossa 8 months ago

    Jajaj q lindo CHULLO CHALINA!😉

  • Jeremie Basilio 8 months ago

    Alex's is so soothing in my ears❤️

  • Brad Hewitt 8 months ago

    Alex won. That hat / scarf won my vote.

  • Edwin Trujillo 8 months ago

    dont bargain in soutamerica. thats it

  • Rodrigo Etxegarai 8 months ago

    That's my city

  • ivan Salvatore 8 months ago

    When I was visiting Cusco 🇵🇪 I enjoyed too much.

  • Vanessa Rosario 8 months ago

    Como cuando mi país esta de moda :v
    Pd: creo que la ancianita estaba burlandose en quechua

  • Rodrigo Segura 8 months ago


  • Connor Clarke 8 months ago

    How can one live in Spain for three years and not know the word for a scarf?

  • Jeff Jannery Najar Avilés 8 months ago

    that song good. Viva Perú, muchas gracias por compartir sus experiencias, ha sido un excelente vídeo. Orgulloso de mi país.

  • Milagros Paulino 8 months ago

    Love you guys❤️ Los amo❤️

  • I understand you want to save money. But at the expense of the income of a person? Indigenous people work hard and it’s part of their culture. In most LA countries, they are living in poverty and not helped by their country’s government. I get that nobody wants to get ripped off for being a tourist, but pay what the item is worth!!! Especially artisanal items!!

  • Christopher Smith 8 months ago

    Is it insulting to not bargain and just pay the full price?

  • Hal Ryder 8 months ago

    Alpaca fur with llama design? What is this?

  • Loose Herb 8 months ago

    Alex for the win!

  • Joe Adrain 8 months ago

    The fetuses of cows 😮

  • Nick K 8 months ago

    Nice Chinese shot glasses!

  • Ricardo Urquiza 8 months ago

    So stupid, fisrt of all, the two things you said are contradictory "it takes a long time for them to make these products and tourist dollars help them feed their families…." so let's convince them to accept the lowest amount for their work? Ok… It's funny how you bargain to hardworking people but spread your ass for companies and pay full price for really expensive bullshit. Pay the full price of the things you buy when you travel, if it doesn't fit your budget well, don't buy it, period.

  • Guidester 8 months ago

    I will be headed to Latin American very soon to do some scouting for my clients. This will be useful. Thanks!

  • Tourist to Local 8 months ago

    Markos hat game is always on point 👌🏽👌🏽

  • Daisy K. L 8 months ago

    Like if you are peruvian 🇵🇪❤️
    Una 👍🏻si eres peruano/a🇵🇪❤️

  • Sassi Sara 8 months ago

    Hey ! why don't you guys visit Tunisia it is filled with cultures but if you don't speak french nor arabic it can be a challenge and if you are coming summer is best for the beach around may june but after swimming will be a bit unpleasen because around august small gelly fish will be swirling around the beach

  • Patricia Vidal 8 months ago

    I just found your channel and so far loving it! I am watching your Peruvian experience with nostalgia, i was there about 6 yers ago and was delighted to have found such a gem!

  • Jones Family Travels 8 months ago

    Marko, that sweater is sick! Nice buy!

  • J Bayer 8 months ago

    Perú – Cusco is Wonderful..Wonderful…