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I wanted to visit Lucerne since the first time I saw the wooden bridges in a tv show.. to me they seemed fo fascinating.

And they didn’t disappoint:) I had very few disappointments an this trip really.. everything looked as nice as on pictures.. even better live:)

My sister went home so I explored this beautiful city on my own and it was easily done in a day. You could of course spend longer and go more in debt, but I did’t have the time, as I made Lucerne a stop on one of my train travel days.

In the 5 hours I spent here I saw the famous wooden bridges and of course the chapel bridge. The old town and old town wall and towers. And had a personal little memorial for my grandmother at the Lion Memorial( löwendenkmal )

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  • Hadeel Faris 11 months ago

    i just love it 😍… been there 4 times and the fifth will be in sept. 6th 💃🏻 cant wait. thanks for the video.

  • Fernanda Miranda 11 months ago

    Wow very beautiful city

  • FatCat 11 months ago

    I'm sorry the lady is just annoying

  • prateek haralalka 11 months ago

    Hey, nice video. Can you tell me where you are between 5.15 and 5.44..I mean, where did you go for those views over the city? I'll be there in September, and would definitely want to see those views for myself.

  • Lbv Prasad 11 months ago

    Thank you for the excellent video. I watched it so early in the morning sipping a hot cup of brewed coffee.
    While my brother and his family have been to Lucrene, (US CITIZENS) i saw swiss countryside by eurail as well as stayed in Geneva for a couple of days ( one function to be attended of a family friend).
    Been to 11 countries incl Hongkong, mauritius,london,europe excepting scandinavian.
    Overall my europe experiance was great. Now i'm visiting europe and the world through YOUTUBE.ha,ha,ha.
    Lastly, my profound thanks to you for uploading such a nice video which softens our life's blow.
    Prasad LBV / Mr

  • santosh verma 11 months ago

    Nice video Maria

  • Elbert Hadidjaja 11 months ago

    Hello Maria,

    Am visiting Luzern in a week and could you please point out, which tower did you climb up in the video? One that has a great view of the alps?


  • Lee and Mel 11 months ago

    great video!

  • Shahzi Abu Dhabi 11 months ago

    u well come uae .

  • Shahzi Abu Dhabi 11 months ago

    beautiful country and i want to visit with u if i come there

  • Rexom HD 11 months ago

    i can see me in this video 😂😂 cause i lived in luzern