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Guys we made it! Series 2 is finally here! 🙂 If you enjoyed it please give it a like, subscribe if you didn’t already, and if you really wanna help share it with your friends!

Expect episodes every week for the next two months and a 3rd series in the new year 🙂 (expect episode 2 as soon as it uploads… 241 episodes since its christmas)


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  • Russell Stones 2 years ago

    Been waiting a long long time for this! Finally!!!

  • alex grizzly 2 years ago

    Watching from Los Angeles California!

  • sergii musiienko 2 years ago

    Paddy what are your red shoes? I do really like them

  • Geehanz1986 Barhanahussin 2 years ago

    i watch every episode and i feel like im travelling with you guys!

  • HyperDuckling 2 years ago

    For budget traveling, as someone who enjoys beautiful nature and wild experiences (bungeejumping, rafting, etc.), would you recommend central America or south east Asia?

  • John Dalley 2 years ago

    wow great vid guys, i have watched the whole series but not the US and Mexico so going through it now. I really wanna do this, fly to L.A and go through Mexico and Central America!! Maybe not through Phoenix! Haha!! All seriousness though, what time of the year did you guys travel??

  • Hannah Ellis 2 years ago

    this is kinda what me and my boyfriend are doing! love it 🙂

  • Katia Teteltitla 2 years ago

    Ahhhhh I love this!!!!!

  • Katia Teteltitla 2 years ago

    Yes, you guys were close to Camp Pendleton. A U.S. Marine base. Probably.

  • Katia Teteltitla 2 years ago

    I always pass by that gas station!!!

  • Ian Rannie 2 years ago

    Watched all of series one yesterday. Absolutely brilliant travel blog, you guys are total naturals at this. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to all the next series. I normally find the people in most youtube travel blogs quite annoying but I love the way you guys come across and are not afraid to swear and speak totally naturally. Happy travels

  • Christian Reyes 2 years ago

    dude I'm AZ an I would've just gone to San Diego cause the weather an views are beautiful.

  • Lærke Kallesøe Sinding 2 years ago

    Did Lina fly across the Atlantic Ocean to reach L.A. from Vietnam? Is that the shortest route? – Oh my the Pacific Ocean is more massive than one can comprehend!

  • vimal riaz 2 years ago

    travel to India next time. .and meet me I would like to join you guys..

  • mwj5368 2 years ago

    Glad I happened upon this series! Great people and soulful spirits! I'm thinking of traveling on a budget like you guys yet even lower priced. I'm glad to know one can still hitchhike now days as it's been years for me. I'll have to find out about "couch surfing", yet I'm a lot older, a "senior citizen" hoping to make it on about $750 a month Social Security. Is that possible? Is it, overall, necessary to have a tent? I might get an "ultra-light" one. You said your camera was $1,000! Wow! Is that what a nicer "Go-Pro", I think you said they are, costs? What model Go-Pro do you have? The picture and sound is very nice. You guys are a lot of fun! Did you see people like me, like a senior with a backpack? I can only carry 30lbs, 5lbs over what the doctor said I should carry.

  • Only just subscribed already love🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏

  • Caleb Hackett 2 years ago

    Haha don't feel bad. I got interrogated after a 6mo trip to Colombia, and I am a US military veteran. They pick out people they dont understand. Who could possibly want to travel the world?? Love your videos!!

  • threenineseven youngbensmack 2 years ago

    i cant trust people who drink beer with ice

  • Siggy Rocks 2 years ago

    I enjoyed this vlog so much! I watched the Nicaragua vlog and loved it so much that I decided to go back to your first video on the ( Central America journey ) and I 'm enjoying it thus far!

  • erik quiroz 2 years ago

    paddy you a bitch…but i like your videos

  • Rubi A. 2 years ago


  • Patrick Evans 2 years ago

    I must say that this is one of the best Travel video blogs I have ever watched! I am currently watching your season 2 (Central America). I like the travel video blogs on YouTube rather then that tourism crap that is put out. I, after watching this family with 9 kids travel the US I found your Blog. Paddy Thijs and Lina make a great combination together. Paddy the talkative one, Thijs being a little quieter and Lina being the moody one (sorry Lina don’t take it wrong your still great!). You all add just the right amount to the blog. I hope when you are all done with this one, you all do another one together. You all have Just has the right chemistry together and very entertaining and informative. Looking forward to E8 and 9 (?) if the money holds out LOL

    So, little about me, I use to do a lot of hiking in my younger years and traveling. Now that I am 57, (probably one of your older viewers lol), and having a stroke in 2015 and stuck in a wheelchair for another year before I start walking again, it is a way for me to couch travel so thank you for getting together and doing this video blog! You sure don’t realize how much the blog has touched me, you made an old man happy lol. A way for me to see other countries. I am planning on buying a Van (equipped so I can drive) and do a little traveling here in the US. I have always wanted to travel to Central America, but never have had the chance (well, until now)!

    So, I know this was a little long, but the bottom line, keep doing what you all are doing. I think all three of you are awesome people!


    p.s. I grew up in California (Now in Colorado) and you brought back a lot of memories when you all started out in L.A.! Thanks

  • kiele bear 2 years ago

    Well, I'm looking forward to binge watching the new series all day! Looking great so far! Missing the old soundtrack tho hahaha Every time I listen to Time Bomb by Iration I think of the first series!

  • Shoppingtrollies 2 years ago

    it's crazy when you compare your first video from Asia to this video. The video and editing quality has improved an insane amount! I only found you guys last week but I've watched all your Asia videos and now onto season 2! you guys are great

  • Samantha Frost 2 years ago

    Guys these series are absolutely epic!! Currently planning to do a 2 year trip around the world so definitely awesome for some inspo !

  • Karen Grace Aung 2 years ago

    I'm SO late sitting down to enjoy this series. but Here I am and loving it already! xx

  • So happy Series 2 is under way. Now I have to catch up due to having been off on my own little journey in the Philippines. You guys are the best.

  • Ryan Wilson 2 years ago

    Haha so random that you stayed with Lindsay, I've been subscribed to her for awhile. Asher at overnight has also reached out to me & I had no idea they were together. What a small world.

  • kay jewl 2 years ago

    Casey is the man

  • kay jewl 2 years ago

    Americans are the best