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Episode 3 of Series 2 is here!!! Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

In this episode we pick up from Guadalajara and we attempt to hitchhike to the border of Guatemala. We hope you’re enjoying this series of ‘How to Travel Central America on $1000’

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  • Phantasm 81 2 years ago

    no any more….Donal Brook relationships

  • Giveaway Sorew Servers & Textures Pack 2 years ago

    Mexico no is central America

  • Fremen Warrior 2 years ago

    San Cristobal de las Casas is awesome!

  • Cuestionalo Todo 2 years ago

    I just saw a dick while i was eating :(

  • YBizzy1 2 years ago

    OMG Paddy is so sensitive ha ha

  • Hechun Ouyang 2 years ago

    "shit happens"

  • cmnweb 2 years ago

    I'm Mexican and want to thanks for the message at the final of the vídeo, i'm tire that label Mexicans like bad people that only want to be migrant and anly work like narco, México is a big country with modern cities and very safe places but for ignorant people México is just negative things.

  • Dax Cassini 2 years ago

    you guys coming to costa rica go to the osa peninsula and Pavones

  • kay jewl 2 years ago

    I feel they are taking advantage of people and extremely ungrateful

  • Marcos Olide 2 years ago

    viva guadalajara!!!!! Saludos! Zapotlanejo

  • Space Hobo 2 years ago

    Binge watching, it's so good……and how cool is Lina?…….basically the perfect travelling team right there……Guatemala, here we go……:-)

  • worldtraveler91 2 years ago

    Noel is amazing

  • Fear and Kale 2 years ago

    Next time get naked with each other when an invite comes along like that! Great way to get closer without being sexual! :-)

  • Aaro “Noxim” Perämaa 2 years ago

    This way of travelling seems awesome!Hopefully I get to do this sometime in asia

  • tadeshina84 2 years ago

    Congratulations for this amazing show. Lina, hi paisana, I'm Colombian too! I've really enjoyed and devoured all the episodes in one day. This was a wise choice while laying in bed recovering from a bad flu (nothing serious) anyways, thank you guys for sharing your adventures with us. Cheers from Texas!

  • Logan Jukes 2 years ago

    Probably not a comment that you usually expect, but your videos are REALLY inspiring me to stop pissing about with my business, and stop procrastinating so I can reach the level of income I need to travel the world like you guys. I suffer from chronic procrastination (i'm making it sound like a disease! haha it feels like one to me), but your videos really give me a kick up the backside to put in the work .. Thanks for that! .. I am a digital marketer by trade, so if I ever get the chance to meet you guys, I will be sure to return the favour with tips on how you can take your brand to another level 🙂 .. Thanks again

  • Girtis Holland 2 years ago

    Did Lina live in the states at all? Her English has such an American sound to it.

  • Vickie Noyes 2 years ago

    Just wow!

  • Anton Godínz 2 years ago

    Mexico belongs to North America. Good video, greetings from Puerto Vallarta

  • Jesus Manzano 2 years ago

    increible amé el video

  • Lindsay Mc 2 years ago

    Ahhhh…. This episode makes me miss hitchhiking so much. Really really good jobs guys – you captured the feeling of hitch hiking and travel perfectly in this one. Also, Lina's killed it – "There are bad people everywhere and there are amazing people everywhere but there are tacos here." So good lol

  • 451asians 2 years ago

    Where's the next episode at my dudes

  • FleurTravels 2 years ago

    Love your travelvlogs!! You guys look so nice, i like your mindset! You got a lot of good tips for budget travelling!

  • Earthly Retreats 2 years ago

    LOVE your videos guys!! Especially the flight announcement…. next career choice??
    Looking forward to the next instalment!! :)

  • Frank Castle 2 years ago

    Dude, you look like Michael J. Fox! (Back to the Future era obviously)
    ¡Qué genial que la haya pasado bien, sigan así!