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In todays video I will cover how you can travel to Odessa, Ukraine. For every first timer who wants to visit this place but doesn´t know where to start.

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  • Nicola Campara 11 months ago

    Good job man!

  • Rajnoma 11 months ago

    My grandparents came to America around 1912 from Odessa! At that time there were pogroms which targeted the Jews . I'm sure that over 100 years later, things are alot better in Odessa today! I feel that this is my ancestral city. If I go there, I'll be walking the same streets which my ancestors travelled. Fascinating!

  • Flight simmer flyin realtime 11 months ago

    Visit restaurant Ararat, hotel Nemo, club Ibiza
    Odessa is a place to be 😍😍😍

  • Abdullah Mamun 11 months ago

    I wanto go the Ukraine how is the possible can you tel me the way.m

  • cruerose 11 months ago

    For a quieter beach Otrada is a lovely one. Or even Fontan; they're less crazy and a bit more wild; quite lovely in my opinion. By city center, Deribasovskaya is only a small portion of the beauty of the city. Wander about, peek into the archways and alleyways of the old French-style buildings. (Do not necessarily recommend wandering far into those though.) Atop the Potemkin stairs, you have a breathtaking promenade overlooking the drop to the lower port. In the opposite direction to the City Hall, you'll have the Voronstov Palace and the Colonnade. Shortly past that, the "Mother-In-Law" bridge that you can feel sway (and where married couples cling their "love" locks to). Those are just some of the gorgeous places I love in that city.

  • Ricky Wu 11 months ago

    Great video

  • Yo cuando visito una ciudad o un país su pasado me interesa menos, para mi es el presente lo que mas me interesa.
    Mezclarme con su gente convivir con ellos ,conocer su cultura en general no me gusta que me lo cuente,prefiero vividlo.

  • number6 11 months ago

    Is it difficult to get into the nightclubs?

  • William Gonzalez 11 months ago

    my friend the menu at restaurants are in inglish?

  • Johnny FD 11 months ago

    I'm here in Odessa now. It's a great spot for the summer. Highly underrated as you mentioned.

  • ike fanfan 11 months ago


  • Nice video, Ill be heading to Odessa next month. ill be staying near Langeron. Cant wait to explore and eat all the good food!

  • Honey Bear 11 months ago

    thankd to the ussr for all those buildings

  • Scors Von 11 months ago

    Man are you gay or what or why don’t you talk about the women

  • Flat for rent Odessa Ukrainе 11 months ago

    Odessa is a popular tourist place.If you are looking for apartment in Odessa there is nothing easier than to reserve them on our website.

    We will make your vacation in Odessa comfortable and pleasant. Welcome to Odessa!

  • Ralph D Hunter 11 months ago

    IM going to ukraine in augest and strting in kiev,going to trvel ,europe,thnks for the video,its verry helpful,

  • blackseabrew 11 months ago

    Odessa is worth the trip. I call it my second home.