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Here we are, in Jordan!

Sorry for the late upload guys, I’ve been busy working and studying. Hope you can forgive me 😉 New vlog series begins now.

A special thanks to Go 2 Jordan Info, for making our visit to Jordan so much easier.





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  • Filip Turlik 1 year ago

    Visiting Jordan this November for 5 days. Starting fron Amman and planning to visit Petra, Wadi Rum and Dead See. What was ur highlight of the trip? What shouldn’t I miss?Btw u have great performing skill, good on camera. Filip from Slovakia 👍

  • Leslie-Ann Tyson 1 year ago

    I love the historical content! Thank you

  • Motasem Al Adwan 1 year ago

    Hey! Im From Jordan

  • Pilot Nyko 1 year ago

    What song is at 4:11 please tell me

  • Gkgkfk Dkdkekkdd 1 year ago

    I live in Amman and I'm from Amman it's so beautiful thx for doing this🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴

  • NasarGaming Tv 1 year ago

    You are in my city brother ❤️ I live in Florida Tampa and I’m proud of you visiting Jordan you and your girlfriend ❤️ I was born in Amman Jordan I been living in USA 🇺🇸 for 5 years now lol hope you enjoy bro ❤️

  • Nano 1 year ago

    Fuck that country its hell for animals these people should be exterminated. Watch what they really like to do.

  • Imad Karaki 1 year ago

    5:18 you broke the rules a little bit huh.. well you are in a country where doctors work without diploma or licence verification, no one pays the income tax, and everyone works without a contract, and oh yea you can get firearms pretty easy.. without a licence of course and much much more..
    god i miss jordan.. :/

  • Ahmad Misc 1 year ago

    Welcome to jordan 🇯🇴 bro

  • clogged drain 1 year ago

    all the residential buildings look same with same color and packed together, where do they parked their car? imagine with earthquake happened..

  • music mania 1 year ago

    Very informative tutorial I love I want to visit …I m curious now….♥️♥️👍What is visiting condition of Jordan how can get visa & how get accommodation..& all pls tell me

  • surfer 82 1 year ago

    so glad you liked jordan
    you should pay a visit to the northern region of jordan and go to gedara jerash and ajloun and then all the way down to the south to shoubak castle and karak castel which i am so sure you gonna love a lot
    thx for visiting 🙂

  • Omar 1994Egt 1 year ago

    Nice video
    Amman 😍

  • Kenneth Holland 1 year ago

    What a dick….thanks partner for putting him in his place.

  • ArabMagazine 1 year ago

    It's full of rapist people, and the modern city is trash, this country is a total failure, make me ashamed that I'm from the Levant reigion

  • Hitesh khandelwal 1 year ago

    Jordan only has only one colour.

  • It's Funneh is the best 1 year ago

    I've been my moms family lives there so I go every year