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In this series I show you guys exactly how much money I spend on travel and you guys get to choose where I go while I interrail through Europe! You chose Copenhagen so here I am, figuring out what to do in Copenhagen, Denmark! Make sure you go vote for the next location!! Also thank you so much to Samsung for partnering with me for this trip!


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Nyhavn –
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Board game Cafe –

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  • wabash 1 week ago

    Welcome to the most beautiful country in the world. Enjoy your stay 😉

  • dos Santos 1 week ago

    Love you….

  • Emil Godske Jacobsen 1 week ago

    lions are because of the royal family

  • Raj Varghese 1 week ago

    girl ur video is amazing…… summed up copenhagen in this video really well……keep up the great work……

  • anna olen 1 week ago

    ahhh I have an instagram pic of the exact buildings in you thumbnail!! my insta is annvxa if any of you want to check it out lmao

  • Justyce Thibault 1 week ago

    i just have a question, i live on the west coast of canada and everywhere ive traveled has been on the west coast, but in places where english isnt the primary language do people still speak english easily like when you go to restaurants and stuff, sorry if this seems like the dumbest question i just honestly wouldnt know, ive always wanted to travel but i dont know if i need to learn other languages or not??

  • Daniel Larsen 1 week ago

    You should have went to "Christania" in Copenhagen.
    Beautiful place.

  • Danni Hjøllund Karjaälainen 1 week ago

    My country 🇩🇰🇩🇰💖💖💖I live for the moment in Tbilisi 🇬🇪

  • Stacey Mcalister 1 week ago

    You need so much more than a day to really appreciate Copenhagen, but I guess you can say that about anywhere. Looks like u made the most of your one day anyway.

  • EpicEley 1 week ago

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  • Angelique Roberts 1 week ago

    I love that you have an appreciation for everything! Tks for sharing this video, I can't wait to take my children there!

  • Puk Jasmin Jensen 8V Parkvejens Skole 1 week ago

    If you want to see the real part of Denmark then don't go to Copenhagen.

  • Beth Lind 1 week ago

    The canal is called NYHAVN.

  • Beth Lind 1 week ago

    No lions at all in Europe EVER

  • henri niels 1 week ago

    He he I`m a native Copenhagner many of the places you showed I havn`t been – The cardboard cafe looked neat didn`t even know that it existed 🙂

  • Diego Barreto 1 week ago

    she is sweet

  • The Flying Gasmask 1 week ago

    So mind blowing to see a youtuber you follow visiting your home city, i honestly grew up in the building right behind Raya at 5:40

  • Sophie Faurum 1 week ago

    I’m from Denmark, if you ever consider coming back, you should definitely check out Nørrebrogade it’s such a cool street with a lot of culture and people and probably my favorite spot so I would definitely recommend going there

  • Subiugetur 1 week ago

    5:20 it means new port BTW im Danish

  • Kristian Brandt 1 week ago

    Welcome to socialism, feel free to stay as long as you like 😉

  • cocacoladog10 1 week ago

    23 euros for that garbage lol

  • Lucas Suhr 1 week ago

    You should come here in our two to four months of summer…

  • Tucker Horan Media 1 week ago

    Awesome vibes! So cool how so many people can make such different videos from the same place! Check out my cinematic vlog I just posted from this summer in Copenhagen!

  • Lily Harper 1 week ago

    Loved this Raya! Do you know if that food market is closing on NYE? I’ll be in Copenhagen on January 4th and it looked so cute!

  • Exxotic Butterss 1 week ago

    I'm happy you enjoyed denmark we are happy to have people from so many different country's here

  • Beverly Morgan 1 week ago

    Copenhagen is great in the summer! I think you should go to Amsterdam next!

  • Anne Boldsen 1 week ago

    it feels so nice t hear how amazed people are when you are danish like me