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First Vlog of my Solo Backpacking Trip to Asia! First stop: Shanghai, China! ❤️✈️

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Did you go by yourself? Yes.
Why did you go by yourself? Because I can lol. Freedom is amazing.
Where did you go/are you going? China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.
How much did this trip cost you? About $1500
What did you pack? 1 backpack + 1 small purse
How long are you there for? A little over 2 weeks


song is “Life of Sin” by Mitis


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  • 凜 CHANNEL 1 week ago

    Hello, nice to meet you. I am a Shanghainese. I like your video! Welcome to Shanghai!

  • Blake Curtis 1 week ago

    Hey! I'm from Australia and I'm heading to Shanghai in December.

    Does anyone know what camera she is using or anyone recommend a good camera that I can take to film my journey?

    I have never travelled overseas before, so I want to make sure I never forget it. Thanks guys. 🙂

  • qhyz 1 week ago

    I dont understand the timing of your video. You state that this is your first stop but in your "scammed in china" video, you are still in Shanghai headed back to the USA. So what gives?

  • ブンテキ _Setu 1 week ago

    Greeting from Japan

  • tvee 1 week ago

    Love Shanghai, it's got such an amazing and intense vibe to it. In the evenings, it's mega neon signs everywhere! One of the truly great cities in Asia on par with Tokyo and Hong Kong!

  • sandy li 1 week ago

    hi sweet heart…
    can send your email…

  • Jason N 1 week ago

    See people that's China don't believe everything BBC tells you i mean she seems to be doing fine in shanghai like any other normal tourist

  • 扶渊 1 week ago


  • Karen Wan 1 week ago

    What was the name of your hostel? I'm going in April alone, was wondering if I could meet some people that wanted to go exploring with me 🙂

  • Catigue 1 week ago

    Thanks for posting this! I'm going to shanghai at the end of march and now I'm even more excited. Good for you for doing a solo trip.

  • Shuaitong Liang 1 week ago

    I come from Shanghai but I'm in US now to finish my Ph. D. I miss Shanghai so much I searched Shanghai travel to make me not that homesick, and I found this video.

  • grizz mori 1 week ago

    in 12:00pm . its still very safe walking on the street in china

  • Marcelo Mendes 1 week ago

    shanghain city beautifull

  • VICTOR GUO 1 week ago

    it's not yuyuan garden it's yu garden

  • 夏草 1 week ago


  • Roger Li 1 week ago

    Must be exciting touring Asia alone! Any recommendations for things to do/see and eat in Shanghai?

  • tianyi jiang 1 week ago

    Good video,welcome to China,and your are pretty.

  • tianyi jiang 1 week ago

    Good video,welcome to China,and your are pretty.

  • 吕昌远 1 week ago


  • Lee Bamboo 1 week ago

    China is a very safe country even in the poor countrysides .No guns No terrorist Welcome to China

  • Abdolrahman 1 week ago

    amazing .. nice video 🌼

  • Muhammad Hanif Hasballah 1 week ago

    nice vlogging.. I'm living in China

  • Chang Cliff 1 week ago

    dirty river

  • Travel Asia Youtube Channel 1 week ago

    Shopping street at night. Crowded. It looks so fun.

  • Luo-Mu Jie 1 week ago

    Is it safe in Shanghai?

  • uintasolitude12 1 week ago

    SLC to Shanghai direct, or just creative editing?

  • MrTerryzhou1985 1 week ago

    This girl looks hot

  • danish mirza 1 week ago

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