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If you visit Interlaken, you just HAVE to go to the top of a mountain. I mean, you are IN the Swiss Alps! Come on. We take a train and cable car up to Mürren, then hike down through Lauterbrunnen. With our drone, we were able to capture some beautiful aerial drone cinematography of the Swiss alps and waterfalls.

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Straight To The Top by OldyM Beatz & MTBeatz

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  • bhagyashree Mohapatra 1 year ago

    I eagerly waitng to visit swiss its a dream but my english is so poor how can i manage der😢

  • Ingrid Morbid 1 year ago

    The country i'd move to if i'd win the lottery ;p

  • Arizona Timeless Tourist 1 year ago

    Just subscribe.

  • Arizona Timeless Tourist 1 year ago

    Arizona Hiker here. Enjoyed the video and drone footage.

  • Eric and Amanda 1 year ago

    No joke the town is picture perfect and the photos I bet were incredible!

  • Si Si 1 year ago

    So beautiful. I have been in Materhorn in early spring. Everywhere was snow, but still amazing views.But this is so much better

  • Slovenian Girl Abroad 1 year ago

    Technically, you weren't at the top of the mountain, but who cares because Mürren is a gorgeous mountain village and views from there are almost as spectacular as from the mountain peaks above it. 😉 Great video – I love all the gorgeous shots, your energy and enthusiasm. You have really great & interesting travel vlog. Thumbs up.

  • Eliese Velozo da Silva 1 year ago

    Beautiful place ! Thanks for the vídeo.

  • hagar hamadi 1 year ago

    Hey guys, thanks for Sharing😍 can you tell me about good web to pick up good hiking trail?
    Thank 😇

  • staplafara 1 year ago

    A little tip from a caring german: If you ever find an edelweiss, please don`t pick them. They are like many other alpine plants very scarse. Additionally it´s illegal.
    I like your videos though. No pressure

  • zanta close 1 year ago

    So fun. I want to go there…someday.

  • Piano Kellie 1 year ago

    We just travel to switzerland as well, nice country. Love your videos and editing! I look forward for more vlog!

  • Ayatollah Khamenei 1 year ago

    mourad of course he is bosnian

  • High On You Drone Boy 1 year ago

    Awesome guys! Enjoyed this, new sub 🙂

  • BMX072 1 year ago

    Amazing how those droneshots really show you how much hight difference there is, and how close to a precipice some of these houses are.

  • santosh verma 1 year ago

    You both of looking amazing , cool video

  • Ronda Kerr 1 year ago

    Thank you both for being such good American ambassadors. Refreshing to see Americans without huge expectations and instead embracing all experiences. Your energy and smiles are delightful! Wishing you well, continue living your dream!

  • Touring Tastebuds 1 year ago

    Great video! Making us want to plan a trip there right away!

  • omer hershko 1 year ago

    Lauterbrunnen is definitely one of the best hikes out there. I've been there twice, there's a nice hut after you reach the top.
    Takes a while to get there, though. If you are in the area, this is a hike that everyone should do.

  • Sahin Bozkurt 1 year ago

    Murat is turkish name 🙂

  • Yusuf Topuz 1 year ago

    U guys are cool, cute couple 🙂

  • vercigentorix M 1 year ago

    1:12 Ashley's middle finger turned into a subliminal message.

  • Bloom Davies 1 year ago

    Whats the average cost of the cable cars? I arrive in interlaken on the 16th of june till 18th and im staying in the tent city :D… Would be awesome if you added prices of stuff you did in description…or anything you can remember

  • blinKAlliance 1 year ago

    Wow! What a beautiful place! I plan on going hiking through the swiss alps for my 21st birthday and this is video made me want to go now. haha.

  • Gerçek islam bu değil 1 year ago

    6:53 And most people here probably watching this beauty behind a monitor in a rectangular room that limit our conception of the world we live. Accompanying your journey through your channel is a slim remedy for our souls even if just a bit for those who can't start the journey because of specific reasons. Simply amazing job!

  • So nice to see your Videos. Two nice People on a amazing Place. Super. Thanks for your Inspiration.

  • Fuzylogik 1 year ago

    great footage in a stunning part of the world its going on my to do list keep up the good work

  • hstbinary 1 year ago

    Not trying to be a dick or something but flying a drone where you did is most probably illegal (the region around lauterbrunnen is inside three no flight zones it sucks i know). Try checking the official map ( next time. Getting a fine for awesome footage like this is not always worth it.

  • Plamen Yurukov 1 year ago

    Awesome. Thanks for emotions.