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Is India safe in 2019 as a tourist. Today we explore safety as a woman, food safety, personal safety and being safe on local transport in India.

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Today we answer the question ‘is India safe in 2019?’. It’s a question we got asked a lot by our friends, family and viewers. So we’ll break it down into 4 different categories for you.

1. Food and Water safety.

First up, the water is not safe to drink for tourists. Local people might have the stomach for it, but as a tourist – it is not safe for you to drink the water. You WILL get sick.

When eating in local restaurants and local street food always go to places that are busy. People don’t eat in places that make them sick. We also make sure we pick places where we can see the food getting cooked in front of us.

2. Money and theft.

We didn’t feel particularly unsafe in India. Not any different to anywhere else in the world. A few tips are

– Don’t walk around holding your wallet or phone. Someone could very easily grab it out of your hand. If you want an extra layer of protection to feel comfortable, take a money belt. We didn’t really feel the need for this though.

3. Local transport and taxis.

– Trains are incredibly safe. Just put your personal belongings down by your head when you are sleeping to make sure they are out of reach of prying hands.
– Buses are fairly safe as well. There were loads of windy roads though so if you have a tendency to get motion sick, buses might not be the best option for you.
– Auto Rickshaws and Taxis are safe as well. Just make sure they drop you where you ask. A lot of taxis and auto rickshaws work as part of groups and they might drop you at the wrong location. Be insistent.
– Uber and Ola are great in India. They are perfectly safe. We used both apps frequently.

4. Safety as a woman. Is India safe to travel as a woman? Yes. We believe so. It’s very important to be vocal about your personal space. If people want to take selfies etc, make sure you’re vocal about where they can and cannot put their hands and how close people can stand to you.

Overall, we think India is a pretty safe country to visit as a foreigner. It’s no more unsafe than travelling to many other countries around the world. Have your wits about you and make good choices. You will be fine.

Make good choices people. Love X

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