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Is it safe to travel or study in Ukraine? Figting is on Eastern part of Ukraine and it’s very dangerous area. What about other part of Ukraine – it’s pretty safe. You can travel in Ukraine for easy, study in Ukraine or live in Ukraine.


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  • Ashish Sekhar 11 months ago

    Is kharkiv safe in 2017

  • Muhammad Azam 11 months ago

    you should come on to great wonderful beautiful Pakistan. me invited to yor good honer.

  • Wowa Chicago 11 months ago

    it's true

  • Ahmad Qassim 11 months ago

    Don't study in Ukraine
    they are parprian people they hate foreign students
    it's not safe to live in Ukraine
    even in universities you ll face corruption to pass any subject
    Ukraine is dangerous place

  • Hassan Baluch 11 months ago

    your English akcent is pretty good.

  • دراسة في اوكرانيا 11 months ago

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    وهذا موقع شركتنا الرجاء الاتصال لي اي استفسار

  • babu lol 11 months ago

    hey Olga I'm planning to study my general medicine in donetsk national medical university is it safe there..??

  • bahaa bahloul 11 months ago

    I am looking to have permenant residency in ukraine.could you help me how to get it.

  • Amine Amstouri 11 months ago

    No it's not safe . Now i'm studing there in ukraine and I say you don't need to come there most of rasist and the ukrainian hate ant want just your money and situation it's the same in Russia . Just go in other place

  • Murad jasim 11 months ago

    hello، navy study in ukrania good or not good

  • inokentii petrov 11 months ago

    Is'nt Crimea even more dangerous place because it is occupied by Russia against the will of Ukrainian people?

  • Will Llawerch 11 months ago

    Hi Olga, love your video.  I've been teaching English in Ukraine for three years, you might like my Vlogs too. "Travel to Ukraine: My Year in Ukraine" & "Stranger in a Secret Land"  Thanks.

  • saffiuddin khan 11 months ago

    honest girl she is.

  • Hashim 11 months ago

    thank you very much for you information madam
    im from Oman muscat i need the visa to enter to Ukraine
    please let met no
    i like the place i wont be happy to cam there

  • Saifullah Subhan 11 months ago

    Olga Reznikova you are so beautiful and innocent face , your all videos are very good like you.. so simply you are doing great work… God bless you

  • Pius Vincent Kihiyo 11 months ago

    many of us Africans are being scammed by fake university agents from Ukraine. Please my sister upload a video to help us distinguish the real from the fake, i will be thankful.

  • youssef zakry 11 months ago

    The most thing i love about ukrania is beauty girl and Awesom butty ´ 😋 like youu 😏

  • Mohammad # 11 months ago

    جميع اسألتكم واستفساراتكم عن أوكرانيا…للدراسة جميع التخصصات أو السياحة وتلقي الجوازات والاقامة الدائمة

    واتساب 00380935052007

  • Geen Naam 11 months ago

    in western europe can come anytime bomb attacks by terrorists

  • Valas Vega 11 months ago

    a family member of mine is traveling to Ukraine to study, is it safe as long as its not West Ukraine?

  • Offic_ Goes 11 months ago

    I'm from Brazil, there is a train between Russia and Ukraine to go there?

  • Offic_ Goes 11 months ago

    Is easy to be robbed there?