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If you had already been there , please, feel free to share your experience!!!
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  • AgeofGuns 11 months ago

    Is it safe to travel to Pripyat? That's where I'd like to go. Kiev sounds really nice as well.

  • Mohammad jasem 11 months ago

    Would I have problems if I have an exotic feature (Attractive features not scary ones) with a tanned skin if I traveled alone?… I'm planning to travel to Odessa this month but haven't decided yet… And I'm planning to stay in an apartment at Arcadia near the beach… Is it safe?

  • bernie 11 months ago

    I was in kiev in 2004 + 2005. I was very surprised about the ukrain people. Kind, friendly. and lovley people around me. I dont speak ukraine or russian, but when i lived there for few months (i had a ukraine girlfriend there)i learned about ther culture and see a lot of there big country. Sometimes you feel in the 60ths or late 80ths… I loved it very much. In the big citys you only have to watch about thieves and police (they want your moneys… all around the country if the know you are an west-foreign…), i traveld by airplane, and also by car. I hat many adventures there and also up an downs… I think the ukraine womans are the beautifulst.

  • Adam Eden 11 months ago

    If I panned to visit Ukraine where to meet you for your assistance there.

  • august van suchtelen 11 months ago

    you are very Beautiful … want to move to Texas,USA ??

  • Adam LB 11 months ago

    Don't keep the camera moving all the time. Don't keep your face so close to the camera. Don't wear so much make-up.

  • frisco kid 11 months ago

    скільки мексиканців ви бачите у вашій країні?

  • Space Cat 11 months ago

    My friend, hello from Georgia. U.S.A. . I would think someone would read about and look on the internet about the Ukraine. Learn about places and what they would like to do there. I only they would plan ahead they will be safe and have an enjoyable visit.

  • YouTuber 1 11 months ago

    You better be right about what you've said. Because I don't like hateful racists. Plus I want to date a ukrainian girl there.

  • Keith Alexander 11 months ago

    If I seen you walking by Veronika,…. I would stop what Im doing and look at you,…. well because your very beautiful…..I would love to go there one day soon …..

  • itsdastuff 11 months ago

    only 10% of hate.. sounds good 😉

  • Nice Trade 11 months ago

    Ukraine women love Greek men ;^)

  • Mark Wheeler 11 months ago

    I have traveled to Ukraine a dozen times. It is safe and modern everywhere but the Donbas region. Donetsk is a war zone right now. You may get shaken down for bribes. If you go to open air bazaars. Do not speak any English or you will pay highest prices for everything. Be careful with taxi drivers. If you go to Dnipro I suggest the Hotel Dnipro. clean but old fashioned but good food and good service. Buy some cheap luggage for your trip. If you have expensive hard sided luggage they will go through it and you may find that something is missing. Do not bother learning Ukrainian, but basic Russian for traveling is a must. Be sure to check your bags through to your ultimate destination.

  • James Simmons 11 months ago

    Sure. I do it every year. Anywhere in Ukraine is a lot safer than south central Los Angeles after nightfall.

  • Edward Villate 11 months ago

    Hi Veronika: I'm interest in traveling to Ukraine and Russia, I'm WOOD be interest, in meet up, with people like You that is local from Ukraine, let me know, if you reed my comment, in how you you can add Me to you're contact list…..