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We’ve heard the rumours and we are making it our mission to find out if it’s true!
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Day 283 // November 17th 2015
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Thanks to Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich

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  • Flying The Nest 1 year ago

    If you are new around here and want to check out our travels around the world – make sure you hit subscribe –>

  • Harry PAnnU ! 1 year ago

    3 cute women's

  • Ayoub Aesthetics 1 year ago

    nothing to do withe tittle look how many dislikes u get

  • TheCheesenChips 1 year ago

    I think as you guys sound Australia n, Switzerland is not as expensive to you guys as the rest of the world as Australia is damn expensive as it is.

  • the9thGen 1 year ago

    Ehm…she said that they were in Munich right? And she used the word cheap in the same sentence?

  • TEBOT LADIS 1 year ago

    one thing abt swizz they are so openionated and have a freedom of speach and love their music modern contemporary and of course restaurant is nebed

  • Hamza Hamda 1 year ago

    I am Moroccan and welcome to all of Morocco looking for friends

  • YESHUA LIVES christopio 1 year ago

    Crappy video she talks toooo fast super boring. Switzerland is awesome not expensive who the heck goes to Mcdonald yuck

  • Suchart Sinsit 1 year ago

    Are you know Thailand

  • David Morris 1 year ago

    Haha, female Aussie's comments are hilarious!

  • Jordan Newman 1 year ago

    Well… Swiss people earn like twice what europeans earn, sometimes even up to 4 times more.

  • lilo pino 1 year ago

    hahahahaha i am swiss

  • Иоганн Себастьян 1 year ago

    Архиепископу Михаилу (Донскову) мой пламенный привет! Его приход достал, но ничего, дед он боевой – отобьется от засранцев!

  • Gök Öz 1 year ago

    the hotel they re staying is one of the most luxury in city, minimum 400euros per night for a 3-bed room. at the same time they are shopping in germany to save 10 euros.. totally uneducated and unclever people

  • loi 100 1 year ago

    in switzerland is everything written in german, they don't write schwizerdütsch

  • ɠąɠąཞ ㄚɬ 1 year ago

    Its so funny to see cause im from Swizerlan,Zurich and i see this Hotel like every week 😂

  • Le Fashion Fetish 1 year ago

    OMG I just got back from there and it was like £8 a coffee!! haha so expensive! I was shocked xx

  • Fail Gail 1 year ago

    You said Switzerlnd is expensive but you travel in 1.class in the train.👏Applause👏

  • Lars Gübeli 1 year ago

    Welcome in switzerland. Autumn, spring, summer and winter in one day🤔😅

  • 그래세매세 1 year ago

    Just facepalm 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • macuserx30 1 year ago

    You havent to read anything on swiss german its the nornal german webjust speak the swiss german but write the normal german

  • tomatomarc 1 year ago

    2:49 salzburg is austria

  • biocybernaut 1 year ago

    20 Swiss Dollars, ha ha, in what world does this chick live?

  • biocybernaut 1 year ago

    They buy food in Germany because Switzerland's supposedly expensive (and it is) they then go on to take a train ride in 1st class just to arrive in Zürich and take a double room priced at USD 668.00

    Am I missing something here?!