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Come see the morning markets in Mumbai! Fruit, flower market, the hanging gardens, dhoby ghat and the beaches of Bombay!

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  • Hey Nadine 7 months ago

    Are you from India? Where are you from!

  • Kiran Pawar 7 months ago

    0:07 to 1:12 cuteness are awesome .

  • Sonia Dyne 7 months ago

    Did you enjoy Mumbai?

  • francisca yañez 7 months ago

    Amazing video ! loved the music, and I already want to visit this place so bad! <3

  • Garou 7 months ago

    2:20 rapist staring at u

  • Anonymous Guy 7 months ago

    Is this really india? Miami or mumbai?
    2 mins later :- starts showing slums and garbage.😂
    What a click bait

  • Edward White 7 months ago

    I have to say be careful lady in india

  • My city Sylhet 7 months ago

    Bangladesh com back

  • chirastu thakur 7 months ago

    That was great keep up the great work

  • Gracie Hernandez 7 months ago

    Wow. I wish i was there. I love different foods from other cultures. Been watching this 4 years n years.thanks. good music clips.

  • BhaiSeriouslyMatLenaOk - 7 months ago

    Mumbai gets it's water supply from Hanging gardens? Lol (must have been the guide).

  • shraddha singh 7 months ago

    Mumbai is original name of Mumbai. bombay was named by Britishers when they left politician renamed its original name Mumbai.this woman have half info like most of American n European have

  • Star Russi 7 months ago

    it looks very dirty..

  • 7 months ago

    hey, that's a really cool video will love to see more content like this, have a nice day.

  • BEAST WITH BRAIN 7 months ago

    Iam sorry but I fuckin hate you because you are white British. I hate all Britishers. I want to shoot all of you openly as your forefathers did. And iam writing it in English to only convey it to you westerners. Otherwise I don't give a shit about your m.fkig English.
    Jai hind, jai hindi, jai Rajputana

  • Sameer Athaley 7 months ago

    If you play sitar and drum together that will be great side and background sound…

  • Sameer Athaley 7 months ago

    There are lot better songs you can put in background or for side music….

  • Sameer Athaley 7 months ago

    That song is really LOL…LOL