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Limited Edition Prints available from my trip to Japan:

This is a short travel video of my 2 1/2 week trip around Japan in late November 2016. Japan is an amazing country with a unique coexistence between the old and the new that sometimes boggles the mind of a foreigner. At its heart lies a beautiful country, filled with generous and polite people always willing to help a lost stranger with map reading issues.

During my brief visit, i passed through Tokyo, Shirahama, Kumano Kodo, Koya San, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and some strange and wonderful places in between. I hope you enjoy the video i’ve made of this little journey and many thanks to all the people i met along the way!

Shot & Edited by Charlie Johnston

Music licensed from Musicbed: Jessamine by AJ Hochhalter

Sony A7rii
DS1 Gimbal
Sony 24mm-70mm f4
Sony 50mm f1.8

Edited in Premier Pro & After Effects


Bhutan Travel


Film, JAPAN, short, Travel

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  • Earl Marasigan 9 months ago

    It's simple yet striking. Loved the vibes of this travel video! <3

  • Fachry Alf 9 months ago

    Amazing and sweet video

  • Marie Laviolette 9 months ago

    Great video! i subbed 🙂 would mean a lot if you checked out my cinematic travel videos!

  • Enlytn 9 months ago

    Always happy to visit Japan, even the super crowded trains 🙂

  • Axel Nilsson 9 months ago

    Pure magic! The content is of the hook!
    I Just got back from a crazy good trip in Southeast Asia where I shot my very first Travel film. Feel free to check it out and be sure to ask me if you wanna know some good destination in Asia!

  • Chris Wilmshurst 9 months ago

    Stumbled across this video while searching for A7r III footage and I have to say. The visuals, the transitions, the music all fit together perfectly. I feel like I've gained an insight into the culture through your eyes. Thank you for this!

  • Anh Vu 9 months ago

    This is so good. Got me hooked immediately

  • Пименов на проводе 9 months ago

    Amazing film!

  • paugarciabcn 9 months ago

    Nice video mate! Where did you film the budhist monks? Thx.

  • Nishatha Abraham 9 months ago

    Hi Charlie!

    I absolutely loved your Japan video! I work for a travel portal, Holidayme and would love to feature parts of it in a Facebook video about Japan on our page ( and across our other social channels. Some of our videos get millions of views. We will of course credit you, would you be happy to give us permission to do this?