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Hi everyone! Japan is absolutely wonderful and I’m already looking forward to coming back. I traveled throughout the country for two weeks (11 days) in April. Highly recommend that you go during cherry blossom season (late March – early April). I’m happy to share my travel experience with you guys! I hope you enjoyed this video! 🙂


-Tokyo Part 1: Akihabara | Ueno Park | Tokyo Skytree | Tsukiji Fish Market | Ginza
-Osaka: Sakura Torinuke | Osaka Castle | Dotonbori
-Kobe: Ikuta Road | Ikuta Shrine
-Kyoto: Gion District | Nishiki Fish Market | Arashiyama Bamboo Grove | Fushimi Inari-taisha | Kinkakuji
-Tokyo Part 2: Shibuya | Harajuku | Shinjuku | Shin-Okubo | Shinjuku Gyoen National Park | Pokemon Mega Center | Roppongi Hills

♥ CAMERA: Canon PowerShot SX720
Walking scenes filmed by Aaron Poon.

♥ INSTAGRAM: @jennyhahaz

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  • Jenny Lam 6 months ago

    Omg this is so cute! I did a travel diary too but in Ottawa 🙂

  • FilmSpotz 6 months ago

    The first shot, were you at the Tokyo City View? Ah, we went there but it was to windy to be up there and they closed it off. I was in Japan in April as well. Great video! Keep uploading your stories!

  • Dan Anth 6 months ago

    Cherry blossom season attracts a lot of crowd. Good thing you've managed to enjoy your trip. You're also smart to book it on mid April rather than on April 28 to May 5 since it will be Japan's Golden Week where locals enjoy weeklong vactions on tourist sites.

  • Habib Azar 6 months ago

    I'm glad this came up on my recommended. As I'm going to Japan soon and I really wanted to make a travel video/vlog on It but I don't know how to make a vlog or edit videos. Judging by ur channel this is probs the first vid u have done. Nice to see someone else had a similar idea and isnt scared to take that step. Good job and keep it up. Glad u showed the beauty of Japan. I Subscribed as u encouraged me to make my travel vlog hopefully when I go. 🙂

  • Brian Lin 6 months ago

    ayyyyy nice