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A travel guide and tips for fifteen of the best things to do, see, and eat on your trip to Tokyo, Japan 東京! Start here for your Tokyo travel planning to see some of Tokyo’s top attractions.

15 – Tsukiji Fish Market (0:42)
14 – Karaoke (3:12)
13 – Ginza (4:16)
12 – Vending Machines (6:21)
11 – Robot Restaurant Shinjuku (7:27)
10 – Meiji Shrine (9:19)
9 – Akihabara (10:27)
8 – Owl Café (13:07)
7 – Sensoji Temple (14:09)
6 – Shibuya (15:14)
5 – Yanaka (17:47)
4 – Imperial Palace (19:28)
3 – Pokemon Center (20:26)
2 – Harajuku (22:17)
1 – Food & Dining (25:17)

Tsukiji Market

Karaoke Kan – Shibuya (Lost in Translation location)

Robot Restaurant

Meiji Shrine – Events Schedule

AkibaFukurou Owl Café

Uobei Sushi Shibuya

Pokémon Centers

All tracks licensed under a Creative Commons License unless otherwise noted.
Other tracks under private license.

Flight Intro:
Capellimusic – Shakuhachi Dream (2010)

Intro Montage:
Cojema Tech – Tokyo

Tsukiji Market:
凛RIN (Rin Ishi) – 夏の花火/Summer of Fireworks [FULL VERSION]

Elexive – Free Your Soul

Robot Restaurant:
athoshun – 助数詞のメタル (Josuushi no Metal – Japanese Counters Metal song)

Meiji Shrine:
Miguel Mendez – Kanmonkyo

Aritus 🌸 – Serene
Cojema Tech – Carpe Diem

Sensoji Temple:
explodecreative – The Tokyo Business Hotel

Tonez&Re-C – Kyoto

凛RIN (Rin Ishi) – Ocean Day/海の日

Imperial Palace:
Taghaze – Bass Speaks Louder than Words (Japan Riddim) (clip) – FEM Picks

Spiedkiks – Little Smartphone People
Kontinuum – First Rain
Provided by NoCopyrightSounds

Shot on Canon XC10 and iPhone 7 plus


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  • Stephen Lowther 1 year ago

    Fantastic, very helpful. Thank you 😀

  • JSJ23 1 year ago

    Awesome video man! The narration, footage, editing are excellent, surprised you don't have more subs! It's a dream of mine to visit Japan and I hope to do so this year, this video only convinced me more!

  • Rin Nhem 1 year ago

    Note to self. Must go to robot restaurant. Next time I am in japan. High if possible. There must stoner in japan I can get a dime from.

  • MikeG 1 year ago

    Going back again, twice in one year! This time for New Years, going to brave the crowds at the temples. Sam, your videos always inspire me to go, thanks again for making such fantastic videos! I'm sure my son and I will have another great time.

  • Janeleena Inthavong 1 year ago

    This is such great content!!! I’m definitely going to take this advice since I going there soon!!

  • Quin Duvoltar 1 year ago

    don't trust the persons out there. They're cold and conservative

  • iloveelshela 1 year ago

    Japan is more beautiful and advanced than the whore USA . the country of gangs

  • `Cadambrazil 1 year ago

    Really well put together video, young man!

  • Laura Patterson 1 year ago

    You are way too cute and funny 😂- thanks for the great advice, now I'm even more excited to go to Japan!!

  • Datt Boiii 1 year ago

    I just realised that i live in shithole ;_____; Japan is really
    amazing place

  • Daniel Varas 1 year ago

    This video is amazing!! I enjoyed it so much

  • rasras21a 1 year ago

    Interesting video.Some informations will help me on my trip.

  • Bobby Dickenbags 1 year ago

    “Lost in translation” makes you old? Lol. What about ‘Goodfellas’ or ‘Casino’, have you ever seen those movies? Im always curious about asking someone that.

  • Bobby Dickenbags 1 year ago

    Were you underage to get Sake?

  • The peeing boy water bottle cap part was so funny lol
    Dad: That's disgusting.
    Him: That's awesome!

  • I am a Japanese girl who was born and raised in Tokyo and I wanted to thank you for making such an awesome video to introduce my city:) ありがとう( *´艸`)

  • Frank Stonehouse 1 year ago

    Thanks for the flashback. I spent 5 weeks in Japan this summer: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

  • Jon Irenicus 1 year ago

    LOL that fanny pack had me rolling on the floor!

  • DIYallday 1 year ago

    awesome video man, good job!

  • socalwatermen 1 year ago

    Awesome video. Loaded with information too. Keep it up man.

  • Kl Terasawa 1 year ago

    Amazing professional quality video, you did fantastic job. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you for sharing.

  • H Manansala 1 year ago

    nice video.. dont eat too much youl get fat. 🙂

  • Naysy 1 year ago

    Super great video!

  • Real Hedi 1 year ago

    awesome video

  • sremnant 1 year ago

    "So if you're old, FYI!" HAHA, that was great.