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Here is my final Japan travel related video. These are my best tips for what to bring and what to use when traveling in JAPAN!!

I hope this is helpful for anyone traveling to Japan and entertaining for those of you who won’t be traveling to Japan anytime soon 🙂 I’d be happy to answer any travel related questions in the comments!

I hope y’all enjoy. Be sure to subscribe 🙂


// LINKS //

Animal Cafes in Japan –

Packing for Japan –

Couples Yoga Challenge –

Boyfriend’s Channel –

$40 off Airbnb –

Free Uber ride –


// MUSIC //

“Road Trip” by Joakim Karud. I do not own this music.

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  • Louise Grigg 11 months ago

    These tips are amazing! The pocket wifi is a life saver😂☺️❤️

  • SrTurtle 11 months ago

    Good video like it I am planning on going to japan for a month probably next summer or winter break during the school year I am in college aswell btw

  • cmdrmeldoc59 11 months ago

    Just a qick tip; in basically every country but the US, it's very normal to take off your shoes inside a household. People don't want the floor to be dirty, and it's therefore considered very rude and people will be angry with you if you don't take your shoes off. Inside public spaces like stores and restaurants it's completely fine tho.