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This short montage is our 10 day trip to Jordan all jammed into under 3mins. A truly spectacular country full of history and mezmerising scenery. Everyday felt like we were waking up in new worlds as the landscapes kept changing dramatically in each location. We made a complete loop around the country starting at Petra, a world wonder lost for almost 800 years and made famous by films such as Indiana Jones and Transformers. Next we headed deep into the majestic desert of Wadi Rum where we would spend our 2 year wedding anniversary sleeping under the stars in our Martian dome tent. We then made our way south to Aqaba home to the Red Sea and than up to the famous Dead Sea. Finally we reached the very top of the country at Jerash, visiting ruins of the Roman Empire and the Ajloun castle sitting at the very top of all the green valleys.

Till the next episode 😉

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Wadi Rum
Dead Sea
Jordan River

Song: Mako – Way back home

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