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Jordan travel guides, Top 5 Jordan Tourist Attractions. The destination is Jordan, this is info about Jordan best places, travel in Jordan with Jordan tourism and welcome in this video, there is a petra Jordan travel, travel to Amman Jordan and absolutely Jordan travel.

1. Petra
Petra is an ancient city that was once the capital of the Nabataean Empire before becoming part of the resentment. Also known as the red city or the city of roses, this site includes seven new wonders of the world. Petra is a witness of the history of civilization that happened around year 312 BC, one of the grandest building there is the Palace Treasury in Petra, which stood solidly rests on the cliffs.

2. Jaresh
Jerash was discovered by Ulrich Jasper Seetzen Germany youth in about 1806. In Jerash many buildings of the ancient Roman civilization which can be seen starting from the racetrack or hippodrome days of old. The amphitheater is typical as are often found in the story of the Romans, and there is also a temple of the goddess in Greek mythology, namely the goddess Artemis, the goddess of tough protectors of women.

3. Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum is about 2 hours drive from Petra. The typical red, Wadi Rum is often dubbed as the ‘ Valley Of The Moon ‘ and many also mention walking in this place like a walk on the planet Mars. The main attractions at the Wasi Rum is a natural landmark and rock formations as well as the unique and color as The Umm Fruth Rock Bridge.

4. Amman
Amman is the capital of Jordan, and the city is also the largest city, the cultural and commercial center. There are many Roman ruins can be found in Amman, including a large Roman Amphitheater and a Nymphaeum. It is definitely worth a visit, as it is home to several important local structures such as the Roman temple of Hercules and the big stone Ummayad Palace.

5. Aqaba
In addition to the dead sea, the only Beach in the port city of Jordan in Aqaba and Is sometimes referred to as a window into the Red Sea. Aqaba has a unique blend of ancient and Modern if you want a tour of the 14th century come to the Port of Aqaba. There is also a small settlement, Ayla Of the sixth century Who well maintained very well. Aqaba is also a popular place for teaching diving and guided dives in the Red Sea



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