Added by on February 25, 2018 ! Follow me and my other website around the world- this time exploring the beautiful country of Jordan! What is your favorite country? Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my other channel Hungry for Travels for more travel videos!

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  • msthingstodo 1 year ago

    My husband is from Jordan, it's soo beautiful..

  • Lee Arthur 1 year ago

    You had some good video but I have not lost a thing over there. lots here in the USA for me to see yet…..

  • Alicia Seecharan 1 year ago

    You’re so adventurous. Great video. Happy Holidays ☮️💟🙂🎄

  • Steve Bondarewski 1 year ago

    Well done video!!

  • Grandma Cheap Cheap 1 year ago

    Ooh Blakely, what unbelievable sunsets, and sea, and desert and FOOD. Have a great time is understating…………..

  • CommanderXED 1 year ago

    Nice cinematography!

  • The Cajun Ninja 1 year ago

    The link in your description isn’t working.

  • Jen LuvsHorror 1 year ago

    So beautiful! I would love to travel there