Added by on October 30, 2017

Travelling to Jordan country in 2017 and this is episode 1 of this vlog. There is no food or special travel tips in here but just a common travel like most of us do. But there are few fun stuff like having shower at airport


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  • Babu Kumar 1 year ago

    what mobile you are using bro?

  • LEARN FROM ANYWHERE 1 year ago

    enjoy life and keep sharing with us all the happy moment

  • my videos 1 year ago

    omg was that jaipur airport ? it looked so clean…

  • Student Corner 1 year ago

    nice enjoyment wd urself. and recoding moment wd camera n sharing it.
    its nice idea to have fun wd out any prblms.

  • sanjay leo tudu 1 year ago

    Awesome video cool music Really u have enjoyed a lot.. Out there eagerly waiting for ur next video episode 2

  • huda husain 1 year ago

    very nice video ..I hope to you happy times 😊..but why u just like the gray color ?🤔

  • Stalen Lakshya 1 year ago

    yeaaaaaaahhh !!!…
    now this video is awesome sir..
    make more of such !!

  • Rewind Remix - No Copyright Music 1 year ago

    awesome job

  • Manish Kumar 1 year ago

    Wow!! So Cool..!!
    That must be an awesome journey