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Check out my travel Vlog in Kiev Ukraine 2018. I visited Kiev during the Champion’s League Final 2018 and discovered an amazing city. Local people are so friendly and welcomed me as their own. I tried a lot of ukranian food, visited many beautiful historical places, and architecture.

Ukraine recently hosted the Eurovision 2018 and the Champions League Final 2018, a lot of big events for a growing city. Travel to Ukraine and beautiful Kiev for food, architecture, history and awesome people!

Check out our video of Chernobyl here

Next we will be in Russia for the World Cup 2018! Subscribe to our channel to follow our adventures!


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  • Myhaylo Chervinskyy 8 months ago

    Пузата хата для нищебродов

  • Владислав Филиппов 8 months ago

    усраина страна опущенных пидарасов.. ура, все на гейпарад в усраину….

  • Серж Даш 8 months ago

    Nice video. Thnx.

  • Тимур Литовченко 8 months ago

    "Україна нещодавно провела Євробачення 2018" (с)
    Eurovision 2017!!! But not 2018… Eurovision 2018 Was in Lissabon… LOL!

  • ABC DEFG 8 months ago

    at 3 :00 i went to that restaurant before to go to stadium too hahahhaa

  • john Al 8 months ago

    when u were down there Jun 6 ? why did the Hotel canceled ? since i want to have a trip their too

  • brbnews 8 months ago

    I had my apartment next to "Finiculer" , in front of river Dnepr

  • Di Di 8 months ago

    KYIV not kiev
    thanks fofr video

  • Lee Lambourne 8 months ago

    Amazing! Great video

  • Alex Tsheglow 8 months ago

    Welcome to Ukraine ))))

  • Gibran del Giudice 8 months ago

    Video. Love the editing

  • Daniel Cassé 8 months ago

    Volpe, tank for this présentation of Kiev.

  • Sylvie Casse 8 months ago

    Amazing city…. Great and wonderful family… it seems to be… isn't it?

  • Diego Volpe 8 months ago

    Me gusto el video

  • Julian Adams 8 months ago

    Sweet video! Liked and Subscribed 🙂

  • julie cassé 8 months ago

    Beautiful City, good experience with this family…nice video👍 😘

  • Veronique Cassé 8 months ago

    Belle visite de Kiev , Carlos j'ai l'impression que tu as rencontré une famille formidable👫

  • Britney Spearss 8 months ago

    Looks really cool can’t wait to visit!

  • Pascal HENRY 8 months ago

    bravo The Volpe. bisous â tl2

  • Louis C x 8 months ago

    Incredible City. Tks Carlos, I discovered Kiev thought your host family. Weldone!

  • Jan Klaeui 8 months ago

    Amazing footage! Subscribed 😀

  • Christiano Ronaldo 8 months ago

    Awsome Work! I have to go to Ukraine again!