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Mumbai, India. Another travel day. Backpacking India with a wheeler.
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  • Just Smile it 6 months ago

    u have a gud experience in India also ur such a strong girl and my friend don't change ur self and be how u been

  • Gaurav Goel 6 months ago

    Next is Delhi

  • Rakesh Kumar 6 months ago

    would you like to make a video on polish cuisine and street food ( only veg ) in your next v log .it would be interesting and delicious .

  • Istaprasad Paul 6 months ago

    Plz don't travel by Bus🚃.
    Traveling by Bus in a Long tour doesn't feels Good & u will get tired also.
    & Sorry for the inconveniences u had,.😢

  • idlejam86 6 months ago

    Very pretty eyes

  • MAHESH GOUR 6 months ago

    Please visit to the city of lakes (Udaipur) which is in Rajasthan and there is a lot of places here that will attract you, such as Chittaurgarh Kumbhalgarh and many more

  • Stoneboy 6 months ago

    Where is you Cat, No Pet Cat behind you………

  • John Daniel 6 months ago

    Why not travel to Tamil Nadu. Ooty, kodaikanal… Will be nice

  • Dog lovers Kerala 6 months ago

    No one described India as a foreigner by the way you did .. that's why myself an Indian comes to your vlog regularly.. !!

  • Laltu Mahato 6 months ago

    Four Pakistani watched and hit the dislike button. .

  • Satan 6 months ago

    I don't know what kind of girl you are..

  • Priscilla 6 months ago

    This was such a sweet vlog. The ending was beautiful and touching for some reason. I feel like not only do we get to see India through your vlogs but we get to experience your growth as a person. You are inspiring dear! 🙂 All the loveee!

  • Christopher Valdez 6 months ago

    You are brave and adventurous, love it wherever life takes you like with my present situation. I found a job where I am now that pays me well until I’m ready to go back home and establish my own business or even dreaming of hunting the golden lily if you’ve heard about it.

  • Joe The Fifth 6 months ago

    I went to India it is extremely polluted and dirty and full of scam artists. Disgusting place.