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Today is the day! Our South American Highlights tour with Geckos Adventures has officially started!
On our first 2 days we explore the streets of Lima & catch a flight to the Amazon Jungle!

A big thank you to Geckos Adventures for allowing us to experience their South American Highlights tour! Check out their amazing tours here //

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Hi, we are Stephen & Jess, Australian vloggers documenting our first year of leaving home and travelling around the globe. We want to inspire others to venture out, explore, take risks and go on our own adventure!!

We also run a travel blog over at if you want to see personal recounts, photography, tips & wanderlust inspiration from Flying the Nest.


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  • puttytat007 10 months ago

    No not a Possum hahahaa it was a Kinkajou.

  • puttytat007 10 months ago

    Peru is called Brother Cain in South America, they have stolen land from, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador mostly, tried to steal from Chile but, Chile beat them and found themselves in Lima but they didn't find anything worth keeping. They have caused great damage in so many ways, mostly to Ecuador who they flanked to the east by stealing land from Brazil. Just some interesting history to chew on. So when you visit, not all of it is theirs.

  • Leslie Palomino 10 months ago

    The boat rides were a bit terrifying but so thrilling and adventurous!

  • Lilian branes 10 months ago

    Im peruvian

  • Rachael Dobson 10 months ago

    Hi guys, love your videos!! What editing software do you use?

  • Kartik Kale 10 months ago

    Lovely …. Love from India 😍😍

  • Now We Roam 10 months ago

    We have worked our way through your South America videos religiously. We are off to Lima tomorrow and your videos have been invaluable. Any recommendations for our time in Peru?

  • were there any 18/19 yr olds?

  • chirastu thakur 10 months ago

    Great videi

  • Susana B 10 months ago

    Everything was great and I almost wished I was you guys until you guys got to the jungle and all the creepy bugs and snakes came out! 😅

  • Adventures of Soph 10 months ago

    Been wanting to go to South America for a solid three years now and I have decided that it's the year for it! Going to spend my Sunday off binge watching your vlogs x

  • Travis W 10 months ago

    What your company did you guys use?

  • Johannah Wills 10 months ago

    Hey guys I was at the Perth travel expo today and picked up a gecko tours brochure and Jess is in one of the pictures! So cool!

  • Qomo Totoro 10 months ago

    My ex husband did the same gecko adventure tour after we first got separated by himself. It’s interesting to see this entire journey through your lens….

  • sidney Yu 10 months ago

    backgroud music on airplane is good

  • Antonella Trinidad 10 months ago

    I’m from peruuu ❤️❤️😭😭

  • Amie Lawson 10 months ago

    Those spiders….nope! No way! Not happening!

  • LadyJane 10 months ago

    When you mentioned night walk and then filmed the spiders and snakes …. oh man … nope … I can live vicariously though you two!

  • Sarah Stone 10 months ago

    Look out David Attenborough! Amazon Jungle commentating done by Jess is the best!

  • Lachlan Neil 10 months ago

    Great vlog just not as many spiders next time

  • hellob.l96 10 months ago

    Omfg all those insects

  • American Patriot 10 months ago

    Some people in the US have capybaras as pets!

  • Untethered Together 10 months ago

    We're headed down to Peru next month — CAN'T WAIT!! Thanks for the insight