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10 items to add to your summer line up ASAP:
1. A Boho Top
2. An Artisanal Bag
3. Rompers and Jumpsuits
4. Metal-Detail Shoes
5. The Accent Element
6. The Cotton Shirtdress
7. A Striped Swimsuit
8. A Summer Hat
9. White Denim
10. A Chic Cover-Up

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  • Yogita Persaud 1 year ago

    The Einstein File: Sadako and the thousand paper cranes…Why would I come to Japan, the positive traits, characteristics, character traits of the Japanese people, such as,there hardworking,smart, disciplined…

  • Jenna Upchurch 1 year ago

    i love the man from Mexico's honesty about finding the bag and returning it because thanks to Japan, he has been taught a different way. i too, could benefit from learning this different way. man, i just love Japan.

  • Jose Casreo 1 year ago

    documentary is ass

  • Gandalfdenvite 1 year ago

    Japan is a very racist country! Japan have still not really changed their mentality… from the second world war when they were best friends with Nazis and Fascists! Germans have the same mentality… as Japanese, they both have very high work ethics and are perfectionists, and they always do as they are told to do, a mentality… that fascist… dictators love their people to have!
    There are many Japanese men that are "borderline" pedophiles!

  • Tom Hansen 1 year ago

    got to 7:30, the documentary follows around inauthentic creepers not looking to integrate in Japanese society. Or learn the language. Just throw some money until you get laid, you know, success.

  • iaw94 1 year ago

    I would go to Japan for vaporwave!!! 😂

  • Pirooz Pejman 1 year ago

    Thanks for the beautiful, peaceful and multiperspective documentary! I'm going on an East Asian & South East Asian roundtrip from January to March 2018, including Tokio, Kyoto & Osaka. Can't wait 🙂

  • Oliver Dixon 1 year ago

    Great documentary thank you very much for your hard work

  • Nik Perry 1 year ago

    Very well-made! The best documentary of societal life in Japan that I have seen thus far. I found all of the people interviewed to be quite appealing: from their varied backgrounds and expressions to the informative offerings of their experiences in Japan.
    This video has definitely inspired me and made me only more eager to visit in the future to experience the country for myself!