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Street Food and more in Camden Town, Camden Market, Camden Stables Market, Camden Lock Market

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  • Mijemu mijemu 11 months ago

    Amazing cartoon market they put on there.

  • Veru - Food and Travel 11 months ago

    Great video, love how you captured everything!

  • Dimitris Ambient 11 months ago

    Seems great
    All days open??

  • ZServietsky 11 months ago

    12:20 Best churros ever 😀

  • Lee Morris 11 months ago

    Depressing. What happened to the thriving canal society? Nobody responds well to the sound of rusting car engines pumping out petrol and diesel.

  • FHN1987 11 months ago

    Used to be way cooler than this, even more exotic, goth, punk shops, now it became a tourist attraction full of boring souvenir shops -_-

  • sasa sassa 11 months ago

    1:04 chinese dont wanna be filmed6:09 chinese dont wanna be filmed6:46 chinese dont wanna be filmed

  • Barbara xxx 11 months ago


  • agus jaya 11 months ago

    Hey there is a statue of Amy Winehouse in Camden market! and it's so cool…!!!

  • Marilyn Manson Johnny Depp 11 months ago

    I can't wait til I will be there in 3 weeks :3 there is so much Gothic/ Scene stuff and I am a Goth so haha 😂💜 excited to buy new stuff