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More info about travel to Madrid: The Valley of the Fallen, near Madrid, is an immense and powerful underground monument to the victims of Spain’s devastating Civil War. Picasso’s famous mural “Guernica” (housed in Madrid’s Centro Reina Sofia) depicts the horrific 1937 bombing in the northern Spanish town of Guernica.

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  • drdanger 10 months ago

    I love your show, but the war wasn’t simply about fascist and democrats, there were plenty of communist on the republican side, I’m not saying is as simple as that either, but look at the Latin America who fell for the left ( Cuba, Venezuela) and the Hispanic countries that went for the right ( Spain, Chile) and the difference is obvious on where you or I would choose to live

  • Travel Artists 10 months ago

    I feel so blessed to live in a place that is in a time of peace!

  • Beantown Beatdown 10 months ago

    Julio Franco

  • I don't think anyone visits the tomb of Franco to make sure he is still dead, Rick. The people who are against honoring a dictator and maintaining his mausoleum simply wish it didn't exist in a country that considers itself democratic. Regards… I love your videos.

  • dave928 10 months ago

    oh, you get to take pictures of Guernica, but no one else does. 👎🏻 boo. j/k man, love the show.

    it is something amazing to see in person though. was there a few months ago.

  • cloudtoground 10 months ago

    Yeah, I hope we don't have that in the US where there is constant persecution by the left of the democratically elected officials. The attacks by liberals in the media are nonstop.

  • Vicente Olmos 10 months ago

    After 43 years finally the Spanish government approved the exhumation of the remains of the fascist dictator Franco, which (as shown in this video) have lain in the Valley of the Fallen mausoleum since his death in 1975. The exhumation is expected to be carried out soon, but in secret to avoid protests. Hard to believe: protests against the exhumation of a fascist dictator… in 2018!. I don't feel very proud.

  • TheSalMaris 10 months ago

    Yes, unfortunately, Franco and his ilk allowed Hitler to "perfect" Blitz Krieg— before Poland and before WWII

  • Rupesh malakar 10 months ago

    I like your video and i always watch your video
    But why are u not exploring india or asian country ??

  • HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST 10 months ago

    Spain is Wonderful Country….