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I visited the Bin Dawood Mall in the Azizia area of Makkah, Saudia Arabia, it is a huge mart in which i particularly liked their bakery and olives section, so i thought i should share it with you people too,
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  • Anees Auzam 7 months ago

    Try next time show the prices of these items as there is somebody like to see the prices as well. I was struggling to see the prices but you were ignoring this. Thanks though.

  • yasira shaikh 7 months ago

    I want to job in makkah or madina. if anyone know about it please inform me

  • MD MEDIA MD MEDIA.YOUTUBE 7 months ago


  • Sa Mazher 7 months ago

    MasaAllah our Holy land MAKKAH.. I luv Makkah

  • kazi aayan 7 months ago

    it is makkah

  • Ume Hadi 7 months ago

    I misss u Makkah suu much 😢

  • leno vo 7 months ago

    Many thanx for remind me that beautifull day spent in Makkah tul Mukarramah

  • Luqmaan Ghanty 7 months ago

    I love makkah

  • wasiela emjedi 7 months ago

    Most amazing

  • Son Cast 7 months ago

    Why do they focus on western food. I don't care about the chocolate cake, I want to to see the native food.

  • patates patates 7 months ago

    videolar çok güzel lütfen devam edin. (@istanbul)

  • Good Girl Karma 7 months ago

    I suppose they don't have Krispy Kream doughnuts

  • Hakan Baran 7 months ago

    Hijyen ayaklarına yatmış pis arapları ve kölelerini izliyorsunuz….

  • Servator Medicus 7 months ago

    Good lovely couple story, happy to see them, just normally happy people without nonsens

  • rice spice nd evrything nice nice 7 months ago

    I guess ur obsessed with bakery goods not healty show us super market fresh fruits nd dry fruits

  • rehanna ali 7 months ago

    Waww everything looks delicious

  • miazah mohammad Salleh 7 months ago

    albaik is a best i taste in madinah i like ur all vedio is the best😚

  • Ridho Jiuness 7 months ago

    Yess…albaik is the best

  • Samr Seher 7 months ago

    FYI @ Bin Dawood which is in Makkah this was once house of our Khalifa Abu Bakr R.A and Mashallah it's really a blessed area.

  • smurfarooney2003 7 months ago

    i love this channel man only 6k subscribers ??? i think your channel will explode soon !!! its awesome !

  • sony piplode 7 months ago

    Oh my god, amazing montage

  • Sfs Maria 7 months ago

    What camera r u using . Your videos are so clear. It is a treat to watch

  • rizwan khan 7 months ago

    albake is best … plz dont go anywhere else 😀

  • Muniba Mir 7 months ago

    Macca break fast anda pratha recipe dekha skta hn

  • Makk 84 7 months ago

    ufffff racism bot zyada hota hai saudi arab me.. bach ke raho bhai..