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Today we leave Rabat and take our newly learned Arabic on the road to Marrakech! It is such a contrast to Rabat but in all the right ways!

Catch up on the Morocco travel videos so far:

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Disclaimer: I was invited to Rabat by Sprachcaffe for free in return for showing off their epic language school and awesome country! All opinions and views as always, remain my own.

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  • Jed George 8 months ago

    YouTube showin me nothing of your videos and it seems you are up doing things.

  • jon snow 8 months ago

    Welcome in my city…

  • adil serrano 8 months ago

    Nice ❤❤❤

  • SS International 8 months ago

    PsychoTraveller 3:04 It's called a Marracat. 🐱

  • Moukass 8 months ago

    Such a pleasure to see one of your vlogs in my city!! Recognized most of the places 🙂
    I created a playlist with the best moroccan videos called "Morocco in it's diversity" if you want to see what local content creators are doing.
    Love your channel!

  • Danica Christin 8 months ago

    I'm hoping to go to Morocco this November. Your vlogs make me even more excited for it 😃

  • Joan E 8 months ago

    I love your excitement over every moment of both of your recent trips (and India too!) It makes me feel like I can make a go of it~ I'd so have to limit my time in the markets!! Be well lovely and see you when you get settled for a moment… 🌹 Joan 🌹

  • jasmin1992 8 months ago

    Any haul from Morocco?🤪🙏🏻

  • P. A. Sudhir 8 months ago

    If possible show us the place where the movie "Casablanca" was shot. Or is it that name of the movie has nothing to do with Casablanca of Morocco? I don't know for sure, though I have watched the movie several times as it has my favorite actor of all time: Ingrid Bergman.
    Anyways loved this vlog which was top class as usual. I am amazed by your level of comfort in front of the camera.
    Can't wait for other vlogs…

  • Don't Forget To Live 8 months ago

    That market looks so cool. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of those fabrics and also spices (and also the kitten 🐱)

  • Ratan Sharma 8 months ago

    Hey you were suppose to be back home by now and still you linger there having fun and being so jolly about it, get back home asap. Your are LATE.

  • Jayne Vassar 8 months ago

    Loved these Aly so well put together and the music just finished it off to a tea xx

  • yet another great vid, goobjob i can see that this trip was amazing for you.. but wait untill you come back with more time to explore the real beauty of this country and where you can schedule your own trip, see what you want to see. xD buuut make sure you have some good rests too. we dont want anything happening to you. 😉

  • Eric Nguyen 8 months ago

    Hey Aly!! Just because its been a while, what gear are you using for your vlogging?

  • The Huuz AhmeD 8 months ago

    Come to Bangladesh in Sylhet I will show you very nice places

  • adam kito 8 months ago

    Ur welcome…the next time i invite u to visit fez…the oldest city in morocco

  • Rahul kumar 8 months ago

    Wow 😮 beautiful vlog, amazing landscapes, flea market, those plates & sheesha looks awesome, you having a ball with refreshing Juice 🥤 Perfect choice of Music, amazing Cinematography/edition as always. We also having a ball, watching! Cheers 🍻

  • Zene Coley 8 months ago

    You're the best!! Keep it up!!

  • Zen Bayno 8 months ago

    Your picnic looks awesome in Twitter!! Yay to more exploring! 😉