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Special thanks to Swiss International Air Lines and the Switzerland board of tourism!


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  • justchickenstrips 1 year ago

    Why the scripts like do u guys actually have souls?

  • Jimmy Molloy 1 year ago


  • Death By Cake 1 year ago

    Damn, you men are so lucky because Max and Andres' are hotties! Sigh a woman can dream, can't she?

  • Ray Y. 1 year ago

    sweet handsome couples 😉

  • David Judd 1 year ago

    What a dick, Im in London, – I think thats in England

  • Semsem Eini 1 year ago

    When my mother was dying in Switzerland they did not allow me to stay beyond 90 days. I was told she can die alone in one of the 53 nursing homes in Geneva. Lucky you only went to that country for a paid vacation.

  • Daniel Ivan Lin 1 year ago

    "Save the military talk for the bedroom." LOL

  • Gary Gary 1 year ago

    I love your videos ❤️❤️

  • Diego Garrido 1 year ago

    Always in love with this couple. They make my day.

  • Philip Glick 1 year ago

    you need to shave everything but your hair

  • OXLLY 1 year ago

    Vous êtes trop mignons.

  • • Sarah • 1 year ago

    #FuckFur shame on you+

  • Samuel115s 1 year ago

    I did not know Americans went on holiday lol

  • Mohannad Abdulrahman 1 year ago

    “London which I think is in England” geeez.

  • alwaysuseless 1 year ago

    "Save the military talk for the bedroom." Lol.
    The best scenery 5:025:32 sells Switzerland all by itself. Good job with the photography!

  • Hola! 1 year ago

    I from Perú 🤙🤙😭😂

  • carlos Rubio 1 year ago

    The mens has lost the responsability himself folow his own Vanity disire.

  • aRcTiCADOptEd 1 year ago

    The ONLY thing better than bright blue eyes are big brown doe eyes! 😉

  • Ioan Popa 1 year ago

    Imagini si priveliști minunate,in țări foarte îndepărtate de Romania

  • Andre Newcomb 1 year ago

    The Matterhorn image that Paramount uses always reminds me of a throne.  A throne of God.

  • Margrit Künzler 1 year ago

    Schwule dreck Sau

  • ROSSINI FAGUNDES 1 year ago

    so amazing ,guy.. alll

  • Carlos Pulley 1 year ago

    Any plan to travel to Ecuador? Quito, Salinas, Guayaquil and the Galápagos Islands? Will be awesome!!

  • SYDNEY HI 1 year ago


  • Tom E 1 year ago

    you lucky guys 🙂 come see Germany

  • Darius Anderton 1 year ago

    Swiss Airlines or Swish Airlines ?

  • Mike Homenuk 1 year ago

    you two are just so adorable, blonde guy Max? You look at your mate with true love in your eyes..keep it going, me and my partner have been together for almost 39 yrs…yes we are older than you but equally still in love after all these years…enjoy your life you beautiful young men.