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Travel to Morocco enthralls all who visit, a place of exotic medinas, timeless traditions, and village oases that rise mirage-like from the mighty Sahara.

Travel to Morocco | Morocco Sahara Odyssey | Overseas Adventure Travel

Watch our video of travelers exploring the wonders of Morocco. Experience life through the eyes of its people as you journey from ancient ruins and desert landscapes to the bustling markets of Marrakesh:

Explore the centuries-old Medina of Fez
Visit a Berber village
Trek through the desert by camel-back

Morocco Sahara Odyssey
Casablanca • Rabat • Fez • Sahara Tented Camps • High Atlas Mountains • Marrakesh

From the imperial city of Rabat to the historic medina in Casablanca, witness the unique blend of cultural heritage and stunning landscapes on our Morocco Sahara Odyssey. Watch our video to learn more:

Explore the Roman ruins of Volubilis
Tent in the Sahara under infinite stars
Visit the marketplace in Marrakesh

Day by Day Itinerary
Small Groups: Never more than 10-16 travelers—guaranteed!

Travel to Morocco enthralls even the most experienced adventurer. Tradition infuses its labyrinthine medinas, overflowing with centuries-old customs and the colorful bounty of the Earth. Village oases seem to rise from the desert, mirage-like. And the mighty Sahara, a timeless sea of sand, stretches to infinity. The Romans found this land enticing enough to build the once-bustling city of Volubilis here.

In the intimacy of our OAT small group, we’ll meet the Moroccan people, experience their traditions, and taste the secrets of their flavorful cuisine. We’ll discover the beauty of mosques and sample regional specialties during Home-Hosted meals. And to get a true feel for the mighty Sahara that has so decisively shaped this culture, we’ll camp amidst its dunes for two unforgettable nights—and even explore by camel.
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