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Traveling in Morocco can be frustrating… but missing your flight because of circumstances beyond your control is just icing on the cake.

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  • bachir ouchrif 1 year ago

    So sorry for your misadventure, im moroccan and im not proud of the train system, but im not ok with your comments about taxis and other things. your are not i a cheap country , its not india, prices are close to prices of spain, and life is expensive, its not a country for very cheap travelers, and if you want so, accept this kind of "problems".for the internet, when you buy a sim card you have to activate the 4g then you have quick internet. I just became a folower but you are not objective.

  • Khaoula Se 1 year ago

    Ok I'm from Morocco and I saw your video and I'm angry you shouldn't get out of that train without complaining and telling them to pay for your flight and where to stay the night this is really a crazy situation you had to talk not leave the train and you had to tell that suckers in the airport that the problem isn't in you and they should be ashamed if I was you I was going to make a scean this isn't right trains are always like that but you are tourists and at least for you they had to make it right you are going to tell people not to come that's the normal and we here encourage tourism so if they want tourist they need to make it right and believe me you should've talk i think that it was going to make a different and an advice every were you are they will want to take advantage of you that's the situation in poor countries so you need to make sure not to buy with any price without trying to reduce it for half or tell them that you are going to tourists cups they will make sure to gave you the right price after that they here cups I'm sorry as a Moroccan for the bad experience 🙏

  • Youssef KH 1 year ago

    Tips for the coming travelers :

    1) When come buy a IAM sim card from the airport or kiosque for $2 and get 1GB of DATA $2.5 (go to an IAM store or grocery all of them have IAM to recharge your number with 4G data)
    2) Never ever travel by train in Morocco!! but take CTM (cheap + fast + secure ) or rent a car if you can (expensive + fast + secure*)
    3) Don't trust anyone but read the reviews on tropadvisors for where to eat!! there is a lot I mean a lot of reviews in here morocco
    4) Use HERE app from nokia on the app store or play store which is more accurate and up to date
    5) Take pics and videos as max 🙂
    6) Don't go walking late at night unless it's in the city center and crowded
    7) AirBnb Best option than an hotel!
    8) Get Careem which is like Uber if you're in Casa or Rabat (or use Uber too which available now Rabat/Casa) Taxis at night is the double cost so take Careem!
    9) Be 2 hours early if you are going for your flight so you don't miss it! coz most things here go slow :'(

  • Angela Bensmail 1 year ago

    I am a new subscriber and am probably going to unsubscribe. First off your videos for your Moroccan trip are so confusing, most of your videos you enjoyed the food and in my opinion even your first meal you had a feast and home made at that and yes the young kid may have gotten a few Dirhams but how much do we here in the US pay inflation for advertising. You stayed in some beautiful rooms and stated so, then in your first Barcelona video say how malnourished you felt because of the moroccan food, I'm pretty sure I saw fruit in the background and you could have made better choices in your ordering. The fact of your bad planning on the day you were to fly to Barcelona, bad mouth the whole experience and country because you planned bad is embarrassing as an American. I've been to Morocco a few times and am married to a Moroccan and they try to over charge us too, even it is his home city. Also it's not Moroccos fault your morning people and wake up late nor is it Moroccos fault you didn't stop to eat or have it in your budget. You had a bad day the last day I get it you should have planned better, but the negitive way you ended turned me off.

  • nordin Moon 1 year ago

    U want fast trains go to Tokyo. you whine about anything.your negative spirit is taking over your head. Morocco is SLOW take it as it . smoke some and chillax. delays do occur every in the world.

  • Tab W 1 year ago

    Ohmigosh, what an exhausting ordeal! I would've been so angry and just as anxious!

  • edm family 1 year ago

    In other countries you spend over 500$ for hotel and you sad that is cheap but in Morocco you just paid 50$ and you sad that is expensive sorry but this is the bad vlog i had ever seen because Morocco everything is cheap you came from usa with just 1000$ for 4 days you live like a prince there
    By the way next time if you changed your decision i ll be your guide for free and you will see how beautiful my country is
    You toke the bad decision when you take the train cuz in Morocco they made their new project "train high speed" (tgv) that's why he toke to much time ……

  • Alla Nagi 1 year ago

    £ is a British Pound and not a Euro–> €

  • Ahmed Fadili 1 year ago

    It’s not Morocco’s fault that you don’t manage your time properly and you are cheap. Every video I watched of you is counting pennies…. you literally won’t afford 2 days in any major city in the state…

  • Latifa Taylor 1 year ago

    Pathetic conclusion. I got stressed watching you worry about whether 7$ is too much for a meal. Try to travel on a less stingy budget. I too wouldn't enjoy Morocco or any other trip if I were to do it your way.

  • lim anas 1 year ago

    just want tell you must to negotiate every price they tell you its how it works here in morocco it just the same stuff you get in when you are local tourist too so hope you had a good time here and wish you the best .

  • aziz el moumni 1 year ago

    Hi Guys,
    Unfortunately these practices also occur in other major tourist cities. I myself am of Moroccan origin and have for example never been to Marrakech. I do not go to these kind of tourist cities (Fez, Marrekech etc). There are too many tourists and unfortunately this has a negative effect on the sellers/Taxi's there. The vendors see tourists as money instead of as a human being. Unfortunately, this kind of people ruin our beautiful country.
    As a tourist you have to try to look through this and try to find the locals and enjoy the surroundings.
    Visit the north-east or south of morocco. This is a completely different morocco (without tourists). Here hospitality is at the top. You should never take the train to get anywhere on time. Grab a touring car. It is cheaper and much faster.

  • yous 1 year ago

    Yo guys who gave you the idea to go to fes for vacation, nothing special that like you said guys morroco is for jet setters, you need a guide you need some real money….. anyway it was an experience though.

  • Shivan tata 1 year ago

    You need to understand that the people in Morocco have a rough time and like you guys said yourselves they depend on tourism. So If they can make a couple more dollars by trying to sell you an item they will , its just so that they can survive and provide for their families. Its the reality of the situation. I also felt the same way when I visited Morocco but I also made some good friends who very decent. Travelling is also about experiencing different cultures and situations and this is one of them.

  • laaziz naoufal 1 year ago

    The airport never closes at night, I ve stayed at casablanca airport all night cause I had a flight at 7:00 morning. Aaaand there is free wifi in all airports, I watched two streaming movies that night

  • mohammed m-nudge 1 year ago

    ماتخافوش را غي شدوكم موالين لبلاد 😂😂
    If only I can translate this comment to English 🌹

  • Ayoub Merabet 1 year ago

    You could’ve caught a flight from Tangier

  • TheEternalScream 1 year ago

    Hi guys! I really wanted to comment on your experience in Morocco as it saddened my heart to hear you had this experience. I've heard you many times say you got ripped off but honestly i feel like it wasn't even that bad? The food you got in Fez for 17 dollars was an honest price in my eyes, you were sitting alone on a terrace, got served 4 different side dishes and 2 fresh main courses. The taxi thing at the airport – it's indeed a fixed rating price of 150dh or sometimes even more.

    Anyways, I went to Marrakech last summer and I think you would have gone crazy there as it's the top city as far as "ripping tourists off". I could give you tons of tips how to deal with this, but honestly I think it's important to not let it get to your heart which it sounds like it did with you guys. As far as taxi drivers, try talk to them, make jokes etc and trust me they will lower the price for you. But if you stay in your bubble they will try to scam you it's that simple. You went outside your bubble when the CTM bus didn't have any places to Chouen and low and behold someone helped you out with another bus 🙂

    What I'm trying to say is: try to have an open mind while travelling, don't think everyone is trying to rip you off because then that is the attitude you will give off to other people. Perhaps also try to see it from a local's point of view, I'm not sure if you've googled poverty rates of Morocco but I think that would put things in another perspective as well.

  • Imane Jakmane 1 year ago

    I'm Moroccan and I must say that nowadays we have wifi almost everywhere (hotels, restaurants…) and it is 100% working at the airport. One tip, you can always ask local people for help, moroccans are known by their hospitality, anyone could share data with you guys at the airport till you figure it out.

  • Sara1FiM 1 year ago

    I guess its often the chain of events, not one single thing but one bad thing leading to another. I never been to Morocco but I believe even with all the bad experiences there are still plenty of good people there and amazing stuff its just shame you guys were unlucky and had such a bad trip all together. It all worked out in the end and its always a life experience you learn smth from. Most of us had some horrific travels and situation when an amazing trip suddenly turns into a nightmare and we all learn from it to make sure it never happens again. I remember back in the days without smartphones and internet available everywhere, almost no money left, I got stuck in Paris as a teenager in the middle of the night 2am, New Years Eve. Same thing happened almost, the metro got shut bc of some incident, I got lost trying to find a diff connection and almost missed my coach. Thank God some complete stranger, a local guy, helped me and I managed in the last minute to get to the station. Since then I never travel without a credit card and always leave plenty of time to get to my transport especially when I travel international. Always plan ahead and make sure I know a potential alternative just in case and avoid night travel if I can.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas with family and recharged batteries for the 2018.

  • Bouchra Beauty 1 year ago

    Ommg am soo sorry am from morocco and we also are getting stoled from anything u want or buy its soo sad to see y guys sad and done with it
    Its a big problem in here everythiing is not going right
    Hope u guys have a safe happy life …😍

  • Ali Alrashidi 1 year ago

    In Morocco you need to hookup with a local otherwise you will get ripped off 24/7

  • Ali Alrashidi 1 year ago

    Going from outside to fez airport is always smooth and extremely economical , however!!!! Going from fez airport to the outside world is always a big hassle. Also.. I hate Ryan air, specially the employees at fez airport for Ryan air.

  • someone kidnap you?? try to kill you?? you're so dramatic and rude when u say that traveling to this beautiful and amazing country it's a nightmare…bcz u missed your flight?? this things can happen anywhere in the world not only in Morocco stop this S** i'm sure that someone pay you to say this bad things about Morocco or u were waiting to get pay to advertise and once didn't happen you tried to invent a bad story

  • amine belmessoudia 1 year ago

    i'am really really sorry to see that happening to you in my country but be sure u just didint getthe right help so u can enjoy morocco hope you the best and sorry again you experienced this stuff while visiting us

  • Abdou Ahban 1 year ago

    As a Moroccan citizen, Sorry about what happened to you in the end. Sad end 🙁

  • Edges Of Earth 1 year ago

    – Morocco has always been on list of places to go. High on my list. But your ending statements make me question my decision to go. I was really under the impression that the culture was different. I had no idea that everything is about money (Similar to your Cuba vids). Sad.

    Do you think this was strictly a tourist-area thing?

  • ah niu 1 year ago

    First Morroco is a very beautiful country rich in culture and tradition with a lot of nice person , but sadly many natives ( in tourist areas like in the medinas are targeting tourists like mobile ATM)
    Here is the some tips !
    Always give the exact money ( they will pretend no to have change or forget to give back your money )
    Say that you are not buying today ( they will leave you alone and not be pushing)
    Ask for help with women or elderly person not to someone who volontarily try to help you.
    Do not say you come from America or Asia ( you are easier target)
    Always ask for the price before ordering or consuming ( even if is 'free' , yes you pay for the 'given' bread )
    Try not to chat if someone try to talk to you in the medina
    The Guide is not your friend , he is paid on commission.
    The tag Price is often the tourist Price!
    A supposed' help 'can turn in a chargée service!
    Country is still be un your bucket list , but you should be warned and prepared!