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We’re Jamie and Whitney and this is our first holiday and vlog together! Join us to MARRAKECH, MOROCCO 2018 as we meet the wild monkeys, camel ride and take quad-bikes across the Sahara Desert whilst exploring the beautiful city medina with its wonderful array of market stalls, restaurants and souks!

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Outro Music:
“Same Bed” by Josh Mellor


What cameras and equipment do I use for vlogging?
– Canon G7X
– Apple iPhone 6S
– Hama Star 63 tripod
– Joby Gorillapod Hybrid

What software do I use for editing?
– Final Cut Pro X
– Logic Pro X
– Adobe Photoshop
– Keynote

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  • kmagee50 1 year ago

    Really enjoyed the vlog. It was well worth the wait. The Ouzoud Falls were so, so beautiful. The scenery walking down to the bottom was gorgeous. I even liked the monkeys. The camel ride didn't seem like it was too uncomfortable. (Something I wouldn't mind doing) I also liked the different merchant stores. Glad you guys enjoyed yourself. Now on to the next vlog.

  • Jack and Jane 1 year ago

    Woow love this. We think we might add Morocco to our list. Love your vlogs guys. Keep it up😚

  • Mehdi Serghini 1 year ago

    Willkommen in Marokko

  • sampaguita sly 1 year ago

    just subscribed and I liked the video. keep up the good work ☺ .hi Whitney ✋

  • Lala's Land 1 year ago

    Aww you guys are cute

  • Unique Love 1 year ago

    awww.. so cute guys. We just came from Morocco and we honestly loved it so much. So beautiful and culturally rich. Check out our Morocco vlogs if you want. Anywho, I saw your comment on Jamie and Nikki's channel then I checked you out. Nice musical talent you had there in London. -Unique

  • Rendi Qithi 1 year ago

    New subscriber❤️

  • Suzi Q 1 year ago

    Wow, your holiday in Morocco looked amazing. The view breathtaking!

  • sanaa bellahcen 1 year ago

    weelcom to morrooco in a anotheer tiiime ,i'm from morroco casablanca i love u guuuys so muuch <3 <3

  • Mohammed Zitouni 1 year ago