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We have traveled in July 2014 during Ramadan. Great vacation, beautiful country and amazing Moroccan people. This is my first GoPro video.

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  • ORI RA 11 months ago

    Please where did you do reservation for small house close to the beach??

  • Maghribi TV مغربي 11 months ago

    الحمدلله على النعم الكثيرة في المغرب مثلا كأس عصير مشكل بالفواكه 10 دراهم

  • ko- wima 11 months ago

    wow moroco very nice

  • Fehmi Jardak 11 months ago

    where this place in Morocco?

  • Az Gameplayer 11 months ago

    great video amazing

  • elhamm mohamed 11 months ago

    nice morocco

  • Sphinx Fresh 11 months ago

    You are welcome 😊

  • zouhair ben 11 months ago

    Oooh realy i like this vlog.. and im glad that when u beeing on mu city Al Hoceima.. god Blessed bro..

  • Christopher Dones 11 months ago

    3:06 where is this?

  • Julie Beauregard 11 months ago

    Hello! Very nice video! Where is this at 3:10??

  • Ahmed Ramadane 11 months ago

    why u can reteurn

  • Saud Altamimi 11 months ago

    😍 morroco

  • MOU SSA 11 months ago

    agadir ,al houcima marakech fes ,rabat casa

  • Goldstoflame 51 11 months ago

    I think this is agadir

  • المعرفة 11 months ago

    from morocco with love

  • Hicham Berbar 11 months ago

    forgot 2 say. more places 2 see….like paredisevalleyagadir. ….chefchawa. … nd .love u all

  • Hicham Berbar 11 months ago

    Hi. every 1. salam…iam Moroccan living in uk….lovely country. lovely Kingdom. ..lovely king….but the government. is bad…..nice vid….nice couple. good luck. ..

  • HJ9!™ 11 months ago

    1:31 where is here?

  • fidel mula 11 months ago

    Amazing video i have seen ever, i'm from Morocco and i have honor to see like those videos about our beautiful country, i said our country because Morocco is for all people whatever you are from, Morocco is your second country
    Thank you Dovolenka or who make this video, you're welcome to Morocco any time