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Morocco is fulfulling our dreams about the Tales of One Thousand and One Nights even today. It is an exotic and romantic country with the thousand miracles or the Arab world; old cities, mosques, bazaars, natural beauties from palm tree gardens to sand dunes and from the frosty tops of the Atlas mountains to the beaches of Agadir. There are the oases in the Sahara, the colorful buildings of Marrakesh, the Anti-Atlas’s green valleys and the forts of the Foreign Legion. The royal cities are all wonderful: Casablanca, well known from the famous movie with the same title, the capital, Rabat, the ancient Fes, and the elegant cultural centre, Marrakesh. The Djemaa El Fna square has a unique atmosphere, where magicians, henna painters, acrobats, belly dancers, tale tellers from the Sahara, healers, dancers, Koran discussers, snake charmers and cooks make up the colorful market. Morocco with its thousand faces can be found in the buildings, which are incredibly ornamented, the sound of the snake charmers’ pipes, the silence of the mosques, the native people of the Sahara, the turmoil of the bazaar, the smell of various spices, the pattern of the carpets, the medinas conjuring the past, the taste of the mint tea, and it looks the way we always thought it would

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  • WastedLife 1 year ago

    Nicely done. Love this video. I am going to check out your other ones 🙂

  • Peter Garofalo 1 year ago

    good video , but please you do need help with pronouncing some of the language.
    It's TA JEAN , not tag inay . & WOZ A ZETTE , come on ,it's not that hard to get some little details correct.
    or why not employ a talented Moroccan to do your voice over , with a little local passion .
    just an idea.

  • Walid Milbes 1 year ago

    What the guy say after 24:00 all the way to 25:40 is so rude and wrong. It wasn't an Islamic action to make mosque look great. It is just the leader who wants something great. He doesn't do it to make Islam look good. Be humble man, you are very rude.

  • عبد الله المنصور 1 year ago

    الأمازيغية ليست لغة الشارع حتى في مناطقها إذا سألت رجلا أو امرأة فستسأله بالدارجة المغربية التي هي لغة التخاطب في كل التراب المغربي، ولو كان الأمازيغ هم الأكثرية لكان العكس. أما أصل الأمازيغ فقد يكون من العرب البائدة الذين هاجروا بعد انهيار سد مأرب في اليمن، فالكتابة العربية القديمة للحميريين في اليمن كانت شبيهة بحرف تيفيناغ. أما اليونانييون فيعتبرون أمازيغ شمال إفريقيا أصلهم يونانيين قدماء استقروا في الشمال الإفريقي لما كانت الحضارة اليونانية تبسط نفوذها على ضفتي البحر الأبيض المتوسط. هذا ما قالته لي امرأة عجوز يونانية حين سألتني عن جنسيتي فأجبتها بأني مغربي. ثم سألتني هل أنت عربي أم بربري، أجبتها بأني نص عربي ونص بربري. قالت لي إذن أنت نصفك يوناني، فحكت لي القصة…..

  • Abdullah Bin Ibraahiim 1 year ago

    There's also an opinion that the Haratin aren't descendants of so called sub Sahara Africans but have been there since they migrated from the east, al-mashriq, i.e. Egypt

  • Abdullah Bin Ibraahiim 1 year ago

    All of the Berbers particularly the ancient Berbers weren't the blue eyed kabiyle. there are many phenotypes that make up the Berbers, i.e. Zenata, Zenaga, Masmouda, and Lamtuna.

  • TheGgggghhhhhh 1 year ago

    morocco is not an arab country but a berber amazigh country