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Is this the most beautiful lake in Switzerland? We take a quick day trip from Interlaken to Lake Brienz. Lake Brienz borders Interlaken and even has a small village aside it. MORE BELOW.


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  • Payton and Dylan 1 year ago

    Great video!! I hope to go to Europe soon! Check out my channel where i have videos from Australia, Fiji and more 🙂

  • Swissarmyknife 1 year ago

    most of the stores have free plastic spoons at the cashier. you have to ask to get them

  • Kash's RunTRA 1 year ago

    The sun is so beautiful there! The view from the observation point must have been more breathtaking!

  • Roamancing Travel 1 year ago

    That is a beautiful lake, but I have to say every lake I saw in Switzerland was beautiful. What made this one the most beautiful to you?