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The town that was… Jinja used to be the the second largest town after the capital in Uganda and it was known for its industries but now this has all faded.

Jinja is one of the most prettiest towns I’ve ever visited. It is a shame it has become so rundown and forgotten. I still remember visiting my Grandma here before she moved to Fort Portal.

There is still tourism to the neighbourhood and some of its former charm still remains.

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  • zhang joan 9 months ago

    Am from uganda and my bf is from china as well.
    this is my first time watching your vlogs i am watching all. i can relate but the one for pregnancy got me. we cant have a baby after 4 years in the relationship because we both busy . His parents think we are infertile hahahah

  • robert lee 9 months ago

    This is very beautiful video with Nile river

  • Ben Turton 9 months ago

    Yo love this💥💥

  • fat les 9 months ago

    Your Mum rocks! Duan needs to big up his BMI!

  • Audrey Martin 9 months ago

    Thank you mama for showing us your home town.

  • Nomadic Zak 9 months ago

    I learned a lot in this vlog! I never realised how big Lake Victoria and her Nile is. and you just saw a SMALL part of it. how beautiful Jinja is! I hope to visit one day, Thanks for sharing

  • Sweet Sour Travel 9 months ago

    Nice trip and video. Love Africa. Is an amazing destination

  • Jack The Human 9 months ago

    interesting to see Jinja, I'd love to visit Uganda one day, its the top country I want to see in Africa. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Rainy Chain 9 months ago

    First!!! Dear mama <3