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WELCOME TO JODHPUR: The blue city! After being ill for a couple of days, I finally got to venture out and explore this amazing city! It has definitely become my happy place in India!

My guest house was called Kesar Heritage Guest House and I would 1,000,000% recommend it!!

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  • Y2Jay Does Asia 1 year ago

    ZOMG awesome stick fighting!!!!

  • dev a 1 year ago

    yes your skin is much better in india. you look better in india

  • Akram Khan 1 year ago

    Thank you for video of my city and I happy you like Jodhpur
    I love my city

  • Napster __ 1 year ago

    Definitely do go to the white city, the city of lakes… it's the most amazing of them all!!

  • Amrita Adak 1 year ago

    I got to know that you love cows😂😂 anyway.. I am loving listning to you…

  • Chris Mclauchlan 1 year ago

    Aly it’s funny how you and the vagabrothers are both in India at the same time

  • Swim 4life 1 year ago

    Aly fantastic , thank you for sharing your travels in India loving them . Can I ask you, are you taking any anti Malaria tablets . I am not sure what to do .

  • Ani16 1 year ago

    any plans for hill stations up north like dharamsala or shimla?

  • Neil Acharya 1 year ago

    Get a jio sim, you'll get hi speed internet for uploading videos. The speed depends on the connectivity but overall its good, around 20Mbps top speed. But You need a Volte phone for it.

  • Duke Of Deccan 1 year ago

    I guess you are travelling to Mumbai, capital city of Maharashtra State. The state is very rich in history and you can visit thousands of years old sculptures like Gharapuri(eliphanta near Mumbai), Kanheri(in Mumbai national park, first in the world to implement rain water harvesting), Ajintha and Verul (ajanta+ellora.. greatest architectures of India, near Aurangabad), hundreds of battle forts along the western ghats(some in the sea) built by Maratha King Shivaji, and natural beauty of Konkan at one end or Tigers of Tadoba National Park at another end. Maharashtra state is full of interesting places..

  • Dunia Anwar 1 year ago

    everyone says that about their skin when they get to India. Wonder why that is….

  • ARVIND PAREEK 1 year ago

    Udaipur is my favourite, it's 200km from jodhpur.

  • Desh Ki Baat 1 year ago

    Will You Visit The City Of Amritsar?

  • Desh Ki Baat 1 year ago

    Hey…Love Your Videos…Keep Exploring My Country😊😊

  • Ultra one 1 year ago

    You must go…. JAISALMER….!!!👍

  • Sanjog Wayne 1 year ago

    Are you a Jenna Marbles's fan? Cuz I heard you saying "Hell yeah" exactly how she says.

  • Mel J 1 year ago

    Woo hoo! I’m YouTube famous… I was the one who asked why the houses were blue. Thank you Allie for answering my question on here and on Facebook 🙂 – from Mel in Australia

  • meow meow 1 year ago

    i feel strange & annoying asking unrelated questions, but if you, or anyone, would be able to help me out thatd be great. I'm looking to head to NZ in end of april/start of may, so middle of autumn. How cold is it going to be? I'm watching a lot of "packing for cold countries" videos but I feel like I'm over estimating just how cold it will be. I'm also coming from Melbourne, which isn't freezing but it does get cold in winter. So, just how much cold should I expect? I read the whether stats but I can never remember what "17°" or "20" feels Like, and with wind and rain and real feel, it's always different….any way if anyone could give me their experience thatd be great. Thanks!

  • Albert Zeliang 1 year ago

    Bye cocky😂

  • CoCoJoJo 1 year ago

    Hey Aly, I’m wondering what sunscreen you use on your face? I have problem skin as well and I struggle to find a good sunscreen that doesn’t make me break out.. I need a good one for sunny Queensland 😂

  • Sameer Rathore 1 year ago

    That fort is just so friggin majestic. Loved the vibe of this vlog. Loving this series.

  • Veevek Sen 1 year ago

    I feel like tom cruse should shoot his next stunt movie in this city. So many epic stunt shots 😀

  • Cámara 1 1 year ago

    I admire you!!! Thank you for sharing!! Hugs from México!!

  • Akki 1 year ago

    Visit GOA and Andaman-Islands…u gonna love them for sure

  • str K 1 year ago

    Getting fat ally

  • solitary nerdette 1 year ago

    Bad belly when you have a private room and good wifi….Could be worse, like you said it's a right of passage but glad it's done and you are better, enjoy India!!