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Eating my way through Hong Kong, seeing and enjoying the many sights to see on the Island and the Mainland.

This 3-day trip is from a backpacker’s perspective, living from a small room, with no working toilet.

Due to popular demand, here is yet another travel experience and this one is my most elaborate video yet, being longer and including more film footage!

Zen’s Perspective:

Thanks for watching!

Music in the video is created and owned by me.

I have full rights to use it in this video.

Music (In order of appearance):


Worlds Can Wait

Rainy Resolution


The Experimental Conception

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  • Ch He 1 year ago

    手提/whatsapp : (852) 90391684
    電郵 :

  • Exploring With Josh 1 year ago

    good video!

  • Anita Padman 1 year ago

    Planning to have a family trip to Hong Kong in May. Can you please tell me names and address of all the famous food places you have mentioned in the video please.

  • Shane W 1 year ago

    One complaint is that HK is so expensive…

  • World through our lens 1 year ago

    Great video! Check out our video from Guangzhou 🙂

  • ms leighttin 1 year ago

    My first out of the country i went to hongkong with my boyfriend amazing experience and after that we go to china for tour☺ i love the weather and the transportation of hongkong ❤ . 😍 i miss hongkong huhu 😣

  • Vie Evi 1 year ago

    U forget to visit Stanley market 😅

  • The Journey 1 year ago

    very nice video. hongkong is such a great country to visit

  • Ron Almera 1 year ago

    Great video guys well done. HK is the Bomb.

  • It Is Well 1 year ago

    Does "Zen Cam" means Asus Zenfone's cam or pertaining to Zen's camera? 😂😮

  • It Is Well 1 year ago

    A great travel vlog, highlights the place more. Unlike others who just show their faces in the cam while roaming around. 😂 香港很漂亮! 💕

  • Iana Barkhatova 1 year ago

    Hi, theairplaneguy4ever! How safe is it in Honkong for a single traveler?