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Hey guys!! I’m finally able to upload a video here in China. The VPN has been quite tricky but I figured it out!
Here is Part 1 of my adventures – It’s a bit different from my usual videos but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!
I just arrived in Hong Kong where internet access is much easier so I should have another video up in a couple days!
If anyone knows Debbie, Dave or John, please kiss them for me!

Thanks again for watching and following me along on this crazy journey!



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cheers friends!

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  • Zhao Tingting 1 year ago

    i'm so sorry for what you have experienced because of the airline but also feel great that you like there in Guangzhou. I'm from the North and I can tell you China has so many big differences bewteen north and south and hundreds of amazing food
    btw I want to ask you if I can translate your videos into Chinese and post it on the Chinese website to let Chinese people know you?it called bilibili kind of like Youtube. and there's a huge amount of LGBTQ people in China, and I'm sure the Chinese fan girls will love your videos. We have already have fans who like Rose n Rosie,(well Rosie said we are their chinese boobies lol)Shannon, Cammie,Ally,Stevie, and even Spanish couples Alba and Dulcida. lol just come and ask you a permit
    and also Lesbians in Chinese called 姬ji姥lao and the one youve learnd LaLa always describe a fem with a short hair butch lol hope you are doing well Willow!

  • jojes03 1 year ago

    Good translation apps that can be used in China: Youdao

    Good apps for directions that can be used in China: Baidu Map

  • Cherry Pepper 1 year ago

    Surely there must be direct flights from Vancouver to Guangzhou? Or through one connection like Hong Kong. Connections will always mess up your day.

  • WeAllLoveYorkshire 1 year ago

    in future you could try for chinese trains, flights and hotels, paid at a slight premium but paid online in western currency (GBP worked ok). With the dodgy WiFi, printing the emailed ticket is a solid back-up and normally I just looked confused and showed them the booking number and my passport and they were able to print the train/plane ticket

  • Sebastian K 1 year ago

    For some contries is good to be prepared. For China: have Apps like Ctrip for boking hotels and flights, offline-maps, offline-translation tools and at least two different VPN clients and of course buy a SIM at the airport is the first…then it will be very comfortable, but the first time in China is quite a culture shok. But people are very peacful, so dont worry!

  • Larkhill21 1 year ago

    Never ever ever change flights in China if you somehow make it normally by running, your luggage won't. I have never even heard of that city must have been a cheap flight. Fly to Hong Kong if possible or direct to Guangzhou or your destination city the extra money is worth it. Also check First class its not much more in China although its not much better.

  • Marissa Tsukada 1 year ago

    willow 😘😘😘

  • Jon Pan 1 year ago

    what a fascinating story. My story of teaching in Hudson Bay ON can not top yours.

  • Kung Fu Imaging 1 year ago

    WOW! First, China Eastern is known for delays… for any reason. A gust of wind from a butterfly in Egypt – Delay… The price of rice in Brazil changed – Delay…

    Najin???I am guessing you mean Nanjing… In the north.

    Why Kunming?!?! That's well overshooting Guangzhou! I mean a LOT!

    Let me guess… You were flying during Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)?

    The views from the train along the southern route is quite beautiful. Nanning, in Guangxi is near some of the famous Karst landscapes of Southern China.

    Good Luck, and it certainly helps to be flexible here in the Middle Kingdom.

  • Yu Wang 1 year ago

    I am very curious about what is the city you called kumin. Is it kunming? If so, there are 40 flights from kunming to guangzhou everyday.

  • Katie-Marie Anastasiades 1 year ago

    Look after yourself

  • Yang Bugs 1 year ago

    you're sooooo beautiful willow..😊😊😊😘😘😘

  • yiyeluwei 1 year ago

    Best luck in china. The more you involved in the society, the more you will love it.

  • Nicole Stamler 1 year ago

    Debbie and Dave are from Emlenton, Pennsylvania?

  • marmar Sancija 1 year ago

    Yes Willow i hope you come in Cebu and please inform me if you are here i love to see you both take care always ☺😊😊

  • Gracia Iglesias 1 year ago

    Oh, man! I wish I were there to help u out! It drives me crazy to see a friend overseas coming to our country going thru this lot!!!!! And big thumb up to my Chinese fellow

  • Gracia Iglesias 1 year ago

    Ask young people to help you, most of them speak English, maybe they are just shy or overprotective

  • Gracia Iglesias 1 year ago

    Welcome to my country, and don't worry about safety, every time I walk around New York City, I'm worried about my safety always, but I never worried about it when I was in China, enjoy ur trip. And I wish more Canadians come to visit China as we visit Canada

  • live your life 1 year ago

    Im Chinese and I live in Guangzhou!

  • Jordan Parhar 1 year ago

    Willow that's nuts! This gives me faith in humanity. Can't wait to hear about it in person once you're home!

  • Evi-maria Anagnostopoulou 1 year ago

    thats why life is so good, even through the most terrifying moments you discover amazing human beings. Im glad you stayed Willow its one in a life experience. Wish you have a blast and hope you visit Greece sometime with Alison !!! #Enjoy !!!

  • Mason Kuo 1 year ago

    It's really lucky you landed Kunming, it's close and have high speed train to Guangzhou.And if you have problems in your vacation,call the police, they will help you, number 110

  • MJ Z 1 year ago are damn crazy…thankfully everything went ok but gosh…what a scary story… l dont know if this is a good advice but dont travel alone…specially if u go to a place where nobody understands you and theres no communication …you are lucky but try no to push it.. hope r u having an amazing time.. glad u r ok..

  • kapaige 1 year ago

    What are you doing in China? For how long will you be there?

  • Suvarna Golatkar 1 year ago

    Its happens only in CHINA…its horrible trip low…:( for rest of tour one advised not to keep ur valuables in
    d vehicle while sightseeing…very important Keep Your Passport Safe While traveling..& bout d weather visit Don't
    just see the world, enjoy it!!!

  • Leonelle 16 1 year ago

    Next tour in Philippines.. 😊

  • Metchel Ylanan 1 year ago

    have fun willow and take care always!GOD BLESS your trip..

  • Jamie zhuang 1 year ago

    haha chinaestern airline LOL, girl its nanjing.. wow that is such a trip, sounds really exhausting. i hope all goes well with the flight back to Vancouver