Added by on September 26, 2018

Be captivated by this country’s numerous enchanting qualities. Come and unveil the mystery that is Myanmar.

Visit to learn more.


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  • juliane fruehbuss 7 months ago

    I have been to Myanmar many many times since 2008 and it is still very beautiful country, people are so nice and friendly. We as visitors should respect the culture and appreciate the hospitality with gratitude and answer with equal kindness.

  • Muhd Firdaus 7 months ago

    Myanmar is very enchanting… even more enchanting if they stop the genocide… #saverohingya

  • mikijoe nbaubum 7 months ago

    It's a great Video and the views are just stunning! Myanmar is sleeping beauty and it's time to wake up. It definitely deserves to be another Tourism Hub of Southeast Asia! Go Xplore Myanmar Now!